The Idea of Suicide

To be or not to be is a phrase of soliloquy. The play is drafted from the William Shakespeare’s play ”Hamlet”, act 3, scene 1. The action took place at around 1600. The play remains the most famous masterpiece of literature in the world. The play is the commonly known and there exists an argument on the meaning of the whole speech. It brings up different understandings to people and assist them to cope with difficult life situations (Jenkins, 4).


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Religious, moral and aesthetic perspective

The play has a lot of meanings and understands. Basing the argument in religious perspective, the suicide was taken as a religious justification but the claims got dismissal. Death is like a sleep, and when a person sleeps then he/she does not have any other objective to fulfill in the world. The religion perceives suicide as a failure to achieve the objective. While focusing on moral and aesthetic perspective, the individuals commit suicide because they become coward. They fear to face the reality, and they decide to take their lives because of the situation they pass (Jenkins, 4).

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Hamlet’s belief

Hamlet believes that people commit suicide because they do not fight for their lives and have moral issues. This is evidenced when he claims that his father did not commit suicide instead he was murdered (Jenkins, 4). Hamlet prepares to take revenge and kill his uncle. People should face the difficulties they come across so as to emerge heroes because when they commit suicide they avoid troubles and this makes them cowards. Troubles are the daily challenges, and all people have to prepare morally to face all kinds of troubles (Jenkins, 4).


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There are many fundamental uncertainties that make Hamlet speech to face rejection. They make the appropriate statement in the speech to have no value. With all the criticism, the speech remains the most significant in the search of intelligence. 

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