Strategies and Plans for Empowering People and Removing Barriers

Structural Barriers:

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  • In order to reduce structural barriers to the empowerment of its employees, the organization has to realign performance appraisals and incentives to make them reflect the dynamic changes in the vision of the organization.
  • In order to be effective in bringing about organizational change in empowerment, management information systems will be updated in order to enable the organization to be competitive. This will be achieved through enhancement of communication within the company by enhancing cost effectiveness and reduction of feedback times hence increasing employee efficiency.

Troublesome Supervisors: 

  • While supervisors are supposed to empower the employees, they may in some instances be troublesome and hinder the effectiveness of the workforce. In this regard the company will undertake to train managers on management skills which enable the workforce to have initiative in their work.
  • Another strategy which the company will employ is the use of other managers who have been in similar situation to mentor the supervisors and guide them on strategies of ensuring the workforce is empowered while at the same time is supervised to the required degree.


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  • The company systems as currently constituted do not favor empowerment of the workforce since they are based on a salary based system. The company will benefit from employing a piece work mode of remuneration which will be based on time input and also on quality. This will serve to motivate employees to work harder and enhance work quality.
  • The current system of promotion is based upon seniority in the company, in order to empower people and remove barriers the company will employ a system of promotion based on efficiency in order to empower employees to work harder.


Most of the employees in the company are less efficient and lack motivation for work since they are redundant due to lack of training. In this regard the company will put in place training structures for new developments and also refresher courses for all employees in order to enhance efficiency.

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