State Party Structure

The Green Republican Party of Virginia is a special structure of organization that enables it to run its internal affairs smoothly. For instance, at the grass root it has affiliate local members who are active and persuade other prospective members to join the party. It is based on its ten pillars of humanity which are ecological, social justice, wisdom and grass root democracy among others. All of the ten values are listed in its website (Shadgett, 2010). The party runs by observing all the by-laws although the website does not contain any form of legal document that control the party. The reason may because the party has affiliate parties in different parts of the state.  

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The Arkansas Republican Party

The Arkansas Republican party is organized and run by observing its legal rules and regulations, which can easily be found from its website. The Republican State committee, congregation committee, finance committee, audit committee and the budget committee set the party’s structure. According to the Arkansas Republican Party, members are recruited by following links provided in the website. Through following the links in the website, one can achieve various activities. It is possible to register online, participate in volunteering, or make appointments for meeting candidates (Cardinale, 2012).




Has legal document

Operates on ten values

Registration is online

Members recruited by active affiliate members at the grass root level

The leadership brought by the organized by the Republican State committee

Has regional executions

Some information does not appear through the website

Clear outline of the parties activities through the website

Perform various activities through the website

Active members take part in different activities promoting the ten values.

The highest decision making body is the Republican

Green national committee is the highest decision maker


The two competing political parties have some information that appears to be common. All the parties compete with one another in gaining more voters in their areas of interest. Due to that reason, they sell their brand names through the internet and specifically the website. In all the parties, the members become active member after registration (Cardinale, 2012). 

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