For one to actually discover diversity he or she has to be creative, put in extra effort, courage and a bit of diligence. Thus, American society has been urged to offer a conducive environment that welcomes people’s difference, particularly in regard to race. Multiculturalism thrives on human differences and uses them as a growth and development foundation. Differences in race, work types, resolution, understanding and openness can greatly boost peaceful coexistence of different cultures. People who address some of these differences will inevitably succeed in developing a more solid multicultural lifestyle that will advance our goals and objectives as human beings.

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According to Wang, Hongyu & Olson Nadine p.34, by respecting different races, works, places, beliefs-be it political or religious, is the beginning of having peace and love for one another, hence promoting multiculturalism. People in society need to be open to one another and put forth some of the effort needed to get to understand and know each other inside out. If society leaders and those in authority ,for instance parents and teachers are hesitant about promoting solidarity ,celebrating differences and being open, younger people and society at large will reciprocate and people will be estranged from each other .

People are encouraged to be open, interested in one another despite the differences, fearless, more than willing to a try to different and new things. Another aspect that needs to be looked at to promote multiculturalism is that people have to be sure of themselves for them to avoid taking things personally and being judgmental of others. Also, they must not make assumptions about others, but instead they should be prepared for the worse but expect the best from people they don’t know. People from different cultures have things that they do differently and by individuals expecting anything they psychologically ready for that which they are not familiar with. This helps in many ways because it inculcates in people the virtue of tolerance. Understanding does also help a great deal because naturally human beings have always had this mentality that their cultures are the best and superior than those of others, being understanding will enable people know that each culture is rich in its own way and they stand to benefit a lot by tolerating each other(Fortier, Anne-Marie,p 126).

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