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The marriage institution in the U.S has been one of the most treasured both in the primeval as well as the modern era. However, the intensity in which this institution is cherished is diminishing as the days go by. Marriage in America is one of the most socially and politically involved in the world and no other developed country comes near America in this dynamism of marriage. It is in America where you will find the highest rate of marriages and divorce rates all in equal measure. Same sex marriages in the US is also at its prime more than any other developed country and this is not looking as if it will change in the near future or so. The complexities involving the state of marriage in America is so severe that even statics can’t get to the bottom of it.

One of the fundamental concerns that have been suggested as a major cause of these marriage complexities in the US is the conflicting cultural ideals. Marriage which from ancient days has been translated as the commitment of couples to share a life together is greatly contradicted by the individualism ideal. This is the freedom in which the law gives for each particular person whether in a marriage or not to make a choice that fits their personality in whichever way they know or feel like. This law does not leave any room for ethics in the marriage institution and this is one of the chief reasons that divorce is not an uncommon occurrence in the US.

The turbulence in marriages is also fueled by the hard economic times which leave most couples depressed both at working and fending for their families. A situation may arise in a family where a couple is working at alternate periods of time and thus they rarely find enough time for each other. With this kind of situation then divorce does not seem as a major thing. The institute of marriage in the ancient days was generally held with high esteem by the majority in the society but the same cannot be said of these modern times in America. Although it is still cherished in some quarters, most of the upcoming generation hold no ethics to this once cherished institution.

Gary Becker, who was one of the most celebrated economists in recent years, coined the term “gains to marriage” which he used to explain the sad picture of marriage in the US. The economist pegged this assumption on the observations especially of the present generation in the US. The theory which in an economic term would mean the advantage gained by two countries trading with each other has found its way into the marriage institution. Now more than before young men and women marry not because they are basically in love but out of the need to better off when married than when alone. This may entail couples marrying each other in order to pool resources together and survive rather than the old assumption of love and everything else latter.

The difference in working capabilities of the past where the man earned the title of the breadwinner at home has long been erased by the advancements of women in education. In these modern times any woman can do anything that a man can. This in itself together with the technological advances that have made chores at home much easier has created a sense of freedom among women who can now enjoy freedom without much of a tussle. The men on the other hand will in fact not contemplate marrying a girl who is not independent especially taking into account the hard economic situations which the US has been experiencing over the past few years.

The perception of marriage by today’s generation is also wanting. The term marriage is nowadays viewed as just the process of getting a piece of paper which can be revoked if need arises. With this perception divorce then becomes a common occurrence. Marriage is also at a great risk with this generation who view it as an old fashioned idea that has seen its fair share of time. Most of the young generation in today’s world may prefer living together without committing to marriage. This as some may say reduces the need or effort to null.ify a marriage if a couple does not feel satisfied with the other.

The media cannot be exempted from the blame considering that it has played a significant part in destroying moral values of America’s population and thus the faith that people have in marriage is destroyed by the lack of morals by many. The number of children growing without both parents will obviously lose faith in the marriage institution and hence the vicious cycle of failed marriages divorce continues.

 The situation in the US is very sad and if drastic measures are not taken the institution of marriage will reach a point of no return. In capping the current marriage crisis in the US a renowned demographer Davis Kingsley said that at no particular time in history with the Roman Empire being an exception had “the institution of marriage” had such ardent problems “than it has today” 

Marriage in the US today. Custom Marriage in the US today Essay Writing Service || Marriage in the US today Essay samples, help

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