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How being a woman in American has changed over time

The essence of gender in any society is to harmonize the roles of both men and women. Gender itself is the individual’s inner sex or otherwise the psychological composition which is distinguished by being either male or female. With this definition then gender identity comes into play and with it the definition of various roles that is expected from each individual gender. Gender roles are often referred to as the set of attitudes and behaviors that society expects from each of the particular two genders. Gender roles are however not natural and a society creates them and they change over time as man becomes more and more sophisticated. Over the years however, the role of being a woman has changed dramatically with countries like the US experiencing most of the positive ideal changes in the perception of gender and the feminine gender in particular.

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Being a woman in America has had its own fair share of ups and downs all in equal measure. The role of a woman had for a long time in America been defined by their male counterparts. Although this is not the case in these modern days and times the role of the woman in the society is still dependant on what its perception was few years ago. The American society is one of the most dynamic in the world and the changes that have been happening from time to time have all but affected the perception of being a woman in this country. These changes are both negative and positive depending on which side one decides to view it from (Alpem, 1992).

Although the psychological aspect of being a woman does not change much, the sociological aspect part of it changes significantly as society becomes more and more accommodative of the feminine human being. This means that women are nowadays able to contribute significantly in the community by various ways. More and more women in the US are now able to perform tasks that were in the past considered as only possible to be performed by their male counterparts. The concerted efforts of few women who believed that they could make it in fields only regarded for men gave women of US the believe that everything is possible and the modern woman in US believes in herself and this is the reason why more and more women are waking up and competing with their male counterparts in most of the highest offices in the land.

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Research has over the years proved that women who take up careers in their lives often find them conflicting with the role of the woman being a mother or a wife or both. This conflict in a woman in the US is however decreasing by the day as technology makes its easier for the woman to perform some of the duties she may consider her social responsibility such as cooking or laundering.  A renowned author known as Horner’s coined the term “fear of success” to depict how the average American woman felt about succeeding (Fransella and Frost, 1977). This has however changed as more and more women although still inferior to men hold success with the highest of esteem.

Although the US is considered the cradle of modern civilization, the country still has to go a long way before women can be fully integrated into the society on matters that affect major decision making in the country. America has seen more women take up political positions in this period than any other time in the past but never in its entire history has a woman held the highest office in the land. Although Mrs. Clinton came closest in the just concluded elections, more has to be done if women are to succeed in America. However, the possibility of that happening in these modern times is becoming more and more of a reality since women nowadays unlike before have a firm sense of self belief that they can do it.

Being a woman in America still has its ups and downs as well. Research has tended to show that although women seem to enjoy more freedom than before, most of them are not happy. This can be attributed to the responsibilities that come with freedom. This however has not been an impediment for women to pursue careers that fits them. The US also has some of the best female personalities in almost the entire world. Women have over the years continued ands will still continue to fly high the flag of America be it in the show business world to sports world. Women have always been standing up to make their country proud.

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One of the most significant changes that have happened to being a woman in the US is the self belief and confidence that is characteristic of today’s woman in America. We are living in a time where the woman in America is full of confidence and is not afraid to try anything. Women of these modern times surely stand up more than in any other time in history of the US. With this current trend of women rising higher and higher in the US, it can be concluded that time is not far off to have one of the women as the holder of the highest office in the US, the presidency.

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