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In support of the fact of biological evolution, Root Bernstein argues that in some instances scientists observe organs that have the same embryonic origin but serve different functions for instance a human hand and a bats wing (homologies). He also mentions body parts that serve the same function but have different embryonic origins such as the wings of birds and other insects (analogies).He also illustrates vestigial traits; how some organs such as the appendix of humans serve no present function.

According to Root-Bernstein the number of ribs in men and women can support the theory of evolution and not contradict their religious beliefs .He argues that if indeed a rib had been taken from Adam and used to create Eve, then there would be no need for their offspring to miss a rib.

According to Lamarck's idea of acquired characteristics, he argues that anything that affects one's body will affect its offspring .He goes on state that should one cut off the tails  of mice over generations, the mice may start producing offspring without tails. This idea is however flawed because it then does not explain why in some communities that have practiced circumcision for generations; their children are still being born with the foreskin for instance the Jews and Muslims in Asia.

According to the theory of natural selection by Charles Darwin and Russell Wallace; the two argue that nature eventually selects organisms that are better suited to survive their environment and this selection might result in new body parts. They continue to state that organisms better adopted to their environment are more likely survive and produce more offspring and they might not necessarily have to be stronger than the others. Their view is widely accepted by many scientists the world over.


In conclusion, people's religious beliefs that are based on the holy Bible which concerns the creation theory should not be used to dispute biological evolution theories because they are usually based on practically observable facts.

Short Essay. Custom Short Essay Essay Writing Service || Short Essay Essay samples, help

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