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The importance of science in the modern world can scarcely be overestimated. Nevertheless, only few people stop to think how much this world depends on science and to what extent it now consists of the things that appeared due to science employment. So, how often do we daily run into various products of science? What impact does science have on every person that lives on the Earth? Could we survive without science?

First, let us define what the term “science” means. According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of science is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”. In other words, science deals with everything that is around us and even inside us. Every single object manufactured by a man begins with science, because prior to being done it has to be thoroughly and completely studied. Buildings we live, study and work in, means of transport we use, food we eat, clothes we wear – everything is based on the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions. We cannot imagine our lives without such things as cellular phone, a pair of sneakers, toothpaste, computer, medicine, weather forecast etc. The things we use every day are available thanks to science. Everything we know about this world and how it works is due to the science development.

Science is primarily aimed at discovering, explaining, describing and predicting the surrounding world (Brown, 2011), but its outcome often improves the qualities of life for the whole mankind. Science tells us which food is wholesome and which is not, what sort of weather should we expect tomorrow, how can we cure different diseases and improve our health, how natural materials can be used for our well-being. It gives us an opportunity to ride a bike and fly on an airplane, keep the food fresh longer in the refrigerator and warm up the food in the microwave oven, communicate with the person who is in the other corner of the Earth and see what happens there.

At the same time, science does serious harm to the world we live in. A good example of such harm is a nuclear science. Not only does it provide us with energy, but also creates a perfect tool for planet destruction, which is a nuclear weapon. Regular weapon does much harm as well, killing thousands of people everyday. Another problem science creates for us and the nature is a terrible pollution and all negative global changes connected with it. We drive a car and breathe with carbon dioxide, we bury radioactive and industrial waste in the ground and then cultivate it, our factories produce smog and it ruins ozone layer. Hence, everything what gives us a better life simultaneously kills us.

If the science is so dangerous, why not to repudiate it? The answer is simple: better and more comfortable life is like an addiction that people cannot make themselves give up, no matter what price they will have to pay. Furthermore, I think people would not survive without science. If to take any tribe in the backwoods of Africa, it seems they do not apply science in their life at all. In fact, they do. Even a simple hunting can be viewed as a science, since the behavior of an animal is systematically studied through observation and trials to kill it. Besides, people are too curious to stop investigating everything.

In the end, it should be mentioned that science plays an extremely important role in our life. It provides the basis for everything we surround ourselves with. It also influences the quality of our life making it much better. Unfortunately, along with all advantages it has a disadvantage, which is damaging the nature and our health and endangering the whole planet. Nevertheless, we would probably not survive without it.

Science Meets Real Life. Custom Science Meets Real Life Essay Writing Service || Science Meets Real Life Essay samples, help

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