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Garbology Analysis. Custom Garbology Analysis Essay Writing Service || Garbology Analysis Essay samples, help

Garbology is a new term in the modern science. It is a branch of archaeology focuses on trash, which can tell you more then you expected about habits of a common personality or even of a whole society. The main aim of it is to collect the household rubbish and examine it to get as much information as possible about the target. Shredded clothes, papers, refuse, old furniture, of course, can tell you a lot about their owner, however, the same things sometimes can show you not only economic status, but even his psychological inner world.

A few days ago we got the discovering assignment. For this purpose, I get my own rubbish bin, as I do not live on my own. My week was eventful. I attended my classes, had a party with friends and relaxed in front of TV. Nevertheless, the findings I made amazed me a lot.

The first thing I noticed, there was a big number of stationery that I throw away. This fact confirms my status as a student. So, according to this the next thing was not unexpected: my bin was full of empty boxes of convenience food. This characterizes me as a person, who is not skilled at cooking and has not enough spare time. There were no cigarette butts. It shows my attitude to smoking. Even during the party, I asked my friends to smoke outdoors. However, there was a thing, which reveals my bad habit. There were a huge amount of beer cans. Also, I throw away some shredded clothes and toiletries. This trash characterizes me as a person, who cares about appearance and look.

Well, to my mind, it was a good experience to make such a discovery. I understood that I really west a lot and I should think about my budget and way of life. Also, it occurred to me that the list of information that can be got through garbology is endless. Unfortunately, I had no chance to study my religious or political beliefs, perhaps, one week is not enough to make this discovery.

Garbology Analysis. Custom Garbology Analysis Essay Writing Service || Garbology Analysis Essay samples, help

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