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The critical period hypothesis is best understood from both movies and the literature in the chapter as a social perspective of learning that is connected to language learning. It’s a social learning developmental stage in linguistic that is crucial in the infants.

The second learning of a language is mostly what one learns at old stage in life. In chapter four of the text the language development is connected to the brain. It is evident that the location and the organization of language differ with speakers-different languages. In the video by Kuhl, it is true that there existed the critical period-the neurolinguistic evidence showed that babies are described to as genius since they learn the language during a selected period of time (7 years) and could be able to know it easily. It’s from this that I concur that age affects language learning. In Chomsky theory, during the critical period babies behave like statisticians since they record the language and come to use it later-the theory stipulates that the sounds become the input and the outspoken words become the output since it can be measured qualitatively.

After reading the chapter I learned that it was involving to learn the second language. Learning the second language involved a lot of social parameters like age, sex, personality, motivation to knowing of the language, cognitive developmental styles and even the aptitude. All these factors contributed to the assumption that the organization of the brain relates to the proficiency in knowing the second language.

The video on Taylor was very touching and educative to me. The lessons from the video clearly showed that the critical period in life was very important in that she could be able to remember the symbols of letters and figure on the phone pad something that she learned so many years come back to her memory during the stroke period. It’s clear that something like language which includes words and images are easily learned when young and this could be remembered when at old age. This video also shows that universal grammar can be easily learned when learning the first language. However, the fluency of the second language can be obtained but it’s had to attain it. Basing from the above evidence obtained from the videos and the text, I conclude by saying that UG cannot be got during the critical period and it is hard to understand the second language after the critical period.

Language Learning. Custom Language Learning Essay Writing Service || Language Learning Essay samples, help

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