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Through the explanations given by different theories of ethics, an action or purpose of the action defines the consequences. The two fundamental theories are teleological and deontological theories. These two theories try to expound on why situations and people behave the way they change. With the case of Molly, these two theories can give a better perspective on what we expect from their actions as leaders.

With the deontological theory, they hold morality in the actions perceived by duty. This should not conflict with any other duty that is related to the same action. The theory also argues that what could be morally right, may differ with a certain situation. The duty or command defines the true nature of the consequence of the actions taken by the individual or institution. As Hull puts it in his writing on the varieties of ethical theories, moral obligations define the procedure of the decision-making in the taking-up of different alternatives. In case of Molly, it is her duty as an aspiring leader to make decisions that are morally right. As the golden rule states, “do unto others what you would like them to do unto you,” this should take the center stage for the Molly for governor campaign team. This will mean that even after the elections and after she loses, she will still have made the ethically moral decision.

In the other perspective of teleological theory, the greatest consequences should bring the best and more good. As per the research done for Buffalo Psychiatric Center by Richard T Hull in 1979, an action is morally right, if whoever does it, derives the best consequence out of it. The alternative that is taken brings the best out of it, and will be taken as being morally and ethically right. Before the consequences are reached out, a decision cannot be defined as either right or wrong. The fundamentals under the teleological theory state that it is the degree of goodness or badness that defines their morality. In the perspective of Frank and Molly campaign trail, if Molly decides to use the advertisement to win the elections, it would be morally right, if she creates jobs for the people of Kentucky.  This will apply to the principal of utility for both universal and individual. Frank will not take it morally right, but due to the fact that it brings the best outcome for many, it’s ethical.

The conflicting ideas put forth by both theories argue and lead to one thing - morality. The act of ethical decision-making process truly depends on the outcome of the alternative taken. A plan that is only written down on paper, whether ethical or immoral, doesn’t have the consequence of being judged as right or wrong. The thoughts of teleological or deontological school of thoughts are all focused on making the human communities live harmoniously. 

Ethics Case Study. Custom Ethics Case Study Essay Writing Service || Ethics Case Study Essay samples, help

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