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Basically, ethical values are regarded as the lifeblood of all organizations as far as their daily operations and future prospects are concerned. They provide an organization with a clear road map upon which the desirable objectives of the organization are achieved from time to time as deemed fit by the top management. According to Professor Gary Nash (2010), ethical values are the most fundamental and unwavering tenet of the highly cherished organizational value system therefore employers maintain them as reliable tool necessary for the attainment of their goals.

The sanctity of the ethical values in an organization is unquestionable because they regulate the behavior of human resource personnel in an organization. Based on this fact, all the in-coming employees must acknowledge and further declare their full commitment to the set code of ethics at the time of recruitment or before. Furthermore, they are required to adhere to these values to the letter failure to which employment contract could be terminated without a notice. It is therefore authentic that organization’s ethical values take pre-eminence in the life of every employee.

If at all employees must achieve the objectives of the organization, fit into the organizational culture, gain acceptance and approval of the employer, and move up the organizational ranks through promotion, then they must be realigned fully to the organization’s ethical values (Vishra, 2009). This could only be achieved if the stipulated organization’s ethical values support those of the individual employees because the latter will not undergo any form of struggle so as to fit into the new ethical system.

Nevertheless, employees whose ethical values contravene those of the organization are always under constant ethical tension from within themselves.  This unhappy lot does not find any fulfillment in their work hence they quit from an organization dejected.

Ethical Values. Custom Ethical Values Essay Writing Service || Ethical Values Essay samples, help

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