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One of the most recent concepts in the world of nerds and geeks is about the concept of wiki software. Wikies have been in use in the field of programming for quite a number of years now. They are increasingly becoming more popular as an in-house extranet application and among many companies. It is worth noting that wikies are very informative and have a lot of fun. Nevertheless, one has to fully understand how to use them before deriving these advantages.A wiki can be defined as a web-based discussion site that keeps on growing and changing depending on the will of the participants (Chris, 2008). It allows people to edit or add information at their own will by using a word-like screen. One does not have to possess any programming or HTML knowledge of commands to operate a wiki. To be specific, a wiki consists of web pages which allow people to input information. After adding information, one can create hyperlinks to a new page or pages for additional information about a particular topic. Any user can add, edit, delete or correct information found on a wiki. There is a search field at the bottom of the web page that allows the user to search for the required information by typing a keyword.
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There are two types of wikies in existence today: public and corporate wikis. Public wikis were the original form of wikies. They consist of freewheeling forums with very few controls. Within the last few years, corporations have been implementing the powerful idea of wikies to offer interactive forums for the purpose of communicating with their employees through their in-house intranet and for tracking the company's projects. Corporate wikies are more secured and are mainly used by companies for the purpose of communication, project management and as knowledge databases and discussion sites (Chris, 2008).

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In conclusion, it is also worth to note that wikies may support new forms of communication through their ability to integrate web pages and internet applications with human sounds. Thus, people can interact online with so much ease, whether they are working collectively on a short term basis or with an online realtor to visit offices space in other cities. The idea of wikies is expected to advance e-commerce worldwide.

Wikies. Custom Wikies Essay Writing Service || Wikies Essay samples, help

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