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The human society depends so much on the process by which they are able to find the most convenient way of earning for their living while living the life that they so want to have. Sadly, work life and social life do not match together so well. The need of one to be more balanced may not be that easy to accomplish. Usually it is easier said than done that work and social life be well handled altogether. Those who try to do this are practically faced with the dilemma of being under the effects of work and social burn out all at the same time. Some see this situation as an inevitable part of the life of anyone living in the working world. This is practically the reason why there are certain stories created to mirror the truth behind the need to be less stressed to be able to get the best benefits that any particular job could offer.This is the particular feature that the movie Office Space talks about. It could be sensed that through this presentation, the movie tries to create a more realistic plot that could talk directly towards the viewers. Undeniably, with the use of colorful acting and the right approach to screen and plot arrangement, this movie's consideration on the balance between comedy and reality is basically a good conditioning of the audience's attention towards the real message of the film. Work life is already considered as a drag among many workers in the society today. This is the reason why approaching the issue in a much lighter presentation is essential. This is what the movie Office Space is all about. In the discussion that follows, understanding how a movie presents the real matters that occur in a real life situation and how people respond to these particular elements creating a film shall be further outlined and presented for clarification and better comprehension on the part of the readers.The 1999 Comedy Film Office Space evolved around the life of Peter Gibbons. During this year, a special attention given to the society's seriousness in handling their jobs even when it already means setting aside some other important matters in their lives has been one of the most prominent trend within the human communities around the globe. The terms "overworked, underpaid" were among the coined phrases that describe the era that includes this year.Peter Gibbons, the main character was described as a young spirited man who wanted the best out of his job, to achieve the best like that of the other fresh workers in any particular organization. However, like others, as the years develop, the willingness to go further fades and the need to stick with what has been the usual becomes essential. Losing interest at work becomes very imminent and being less able to see the benefits of work over the stresses that it brings one as he tries to struggle through everyday problems that occur within the four walls of the office. This is practically what happened to Peter Gibbons as he began to lose interest with his job in the office as a software engineer at Initech. The character of Gibbons grew from simply interesting towards becoming extremely boring at work. His stand as a mere software engineer has started from being a source of his inspiration until it became the source of his biggest issues in life. He began to see the difference of working for a reason and simply working for money. These realizations lead him to an understanding that all the things that mattered to him especially that of the work that he cherished really do not matter at all most specifically when it comes to losing the other matters that are supposed to be more important to life than work itself.
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Then came the laying away season; Initech needed to let go of some of its people due to certain budget crunch issues that needed to be addressed as these issues are sure to affect the production and the profitability of the organization. Definitely, this situation causes everyone the dilemma of trying their best to be able to prove that they are an asset to the organization and that losing them would be crucial to the company. On the other hand, instead of feeling adamant about the situation, Peter simply did not care at all basically because of the fact that he already cared less. He was not actually that enthusiastic anymore when it comes to the possibility of keeping his job.Of course, seeing how his coworkers try to extend their capabilities and find the most possible approaches that could make them hold the positions that they are already in therefore avoiding any possible removal from the job, Peter is simply expected to feel the urgency of the need to compete with others. Instead, because of his settled emotional confidence, he simply did what he had to do and was not at all affected by the situation. Peter thought he was the one to be removed from the job, but instead, his bosses loved his work and his command of his responsibilities even when facing a great sense of chaos in the business. This is why instead of him, his two other friends were fired from work; who then both threatened to hurt the business for the sake of taking revenge over the loss of job that they have experienced.Understanding the Basics of Work

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From the plot of the movie, it could be observed that the workplace is an area of interest that usually involves a lot of characters with different personalities. Instead of being a bore, most workplaces present workers with the capability to grow and adjust to others' strengths and weaknesses to simply be able to find the most effective way of dealing with the changing situations at work. However, this flicker of interest may only be visible among workers during the first hand operation and connection that they have with their job. Truthfully, through this fact, it could be noticed that everyone still starting at work are most likely the most enthusiastic ones in the group. Later on though, as the times pass, the interest begins to wither and the replacement of reality comes in.Sometimes, it may even seem too impossible for one to get up for work, and simply seeing the office with the same old stock of work piles that awaits one breaks the spirit of enthusiasm. Why is this so? As reality comes in, the workers begin to see the frustrations they have over the things that they may have not accomplished at work even when they are already trying their best to work through every single matter that exists in their job. Satisfaction is simply hard to come by especially when the constraint over excitement is already involved. A worker may simply lose interest as he sees that the achievements that he wanted to have from his job gently leaves his grip through the advancements of time. The basic consideration over the most important matters at work becomes a dim chance of finding the best benefits from the work load that one aims to succeed upon. Truthfully, in the movie "Office Space", this idealism is what is proven especially on the part of Peter who has been feeling over stressed for nothing.In the real world, although work is expected to provide the supposed financial freedom that one deserves to have in replacement for the effort that he or she intends to put forth towards a job that binds the skills and the characteristic that he/she aims to offer for her employers, today, it becomes one of the most devastating source of stress and frustration. Instead of giving "freedom" work seems to glue a worker down to his sit and makes him rot in that work place usually without even feeling practically benefited by the job that he is working on. The truthful definition of what work is about becomes dimmer and dimmer every year. Not only that, the reasons that define the need to work increases each year which is basically able to include in a sense of control over the supposed craving of the human society for having the material things that are supposedly simple luxuries that now becomes an essential part of high-tech human living.The Current Situations Embracing the Work PlaceLike Peter, adjusting to the customs and the traditions as well as the culture that one's work environment evolves in is an essential part of the process of releasing or at least reducing the stress that happens. Practically, making a good approach towards handling the balance of life makes a good presentation on how and why work should be viewed as a source of inspiration and not of frustration. On the part of Peter though, his view of work in a changed manner specifically provides him better sense of control over the responsibilities that he was expected to complete. His simple reaction to the fact that everything was changing and people were to be laid off from work allowed him to stay focused not losing sight of what he is supposed to do and being able to mandate the different tasks given to him in a rather regular manner; hence lessening the burden and lessening the stress that one feels over the different considerations placed as part of the job's completion.This does not mean though that a worker is suggested to lose interest in his job simple to get real focused on the job even when certain issues of uncertainties arise. Instead, the movie's suggestion on this matter intends to show the workers that being calm and well composed even when in the middle of hardships in the organization provide them the chance of handling their responsibilities properly through a lessened state of stress. Basically, the capability of the workers to completely adjust to the situation allows them to stay focused and less distracted by the work issues that surround them.Working at an office eight hours a day for at least five or six days a week would surely rob a person off the happiness and satisfaction that he needs to feel out of the job that he or she prefers to complete. Truthfully, it could be sensed that somehow, being able to mandate one's own vision of how work effectively creates a more considerable representation of success and life direction could be the base solution to the issue of losing interest at a job that one may be appointed to take. Working towards balance is very important. Too much work without relaxation kills they say. This is the reason why it is considered essential for any workers to recognize the need to stop and relax every ones in a while. Yes, working, in any particular face or level of it, requires one to devote time and effort for the sake of fulfilling the responsibilities that are assigned. Although stressful as it may seem, as seen from the movie, it would be easier to handle the situation with ample application and adaptation of the work's environment.

Understanding the Realities of Work through the Movies. Custom Understanding the Realities of Work through the Movies Essay Writing Service || Understanding the Realities of Work through the Movies Essay samples, help

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