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Water Maze water recycling and treatment system is a modern state of art water treatment and recycling system that employs the latest bio-technology. The system uses a wide range of technologies including bioremediation, electro-coagulation and mechanical filtration. Water Maze’s is made with advanced bio-technology features for efficiency in aerobic microbial digesting, improved water circulation, introduction of a very special blend of microbial nutrients and injection of microbes with cultures at concentrated levels.  The systems are customized or tailored to suit customer’s application requirements and too to keep equipment costs and performance at optimum.

Water Maze is more economical in industrial and commercial wastewater management, treatment and recycling. The equipment treats any form of waste water from manufacturing or cleaning up of industrial equipment. It is also applicable where there are large amounts of organic content in waste stream like in golf and turf industry. The equipment has a flow rate of 75 liters per minute. The equipment has chemical treatment, polymer and electro-coagulation components that remove heavy metals, emulsified oils and solids from a wide range of collected waste streams. This ensures all the waste water is treated and no waste is remaining in the system. The system filters the water, cleans it, adjusts the water pH level and then stores the debris. Hydrocarbons such as greases, oils and pesticides are broken down into harmless carbon dioxide and water by the use of aeration and a blend of microbes.

This technology has a number of benefits. First is that it has less or no negative impacts on the environment as it is designed with small footprint. No water remains standing in the plant hence no need of odour control. The system is highly efficient with a continual flow batch and feed processing system. With the system in place there is no need to drain off dirty water as it is quickly processed and discharged into the sewer system or held shortly for recycling.

Water Maze. Custom Water Maze Essay Writing Service || Water Maze Essay samples, help

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