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I am a science student with a combined major in Mathematics and Economics. I have decided to apply for studying at the University of Manchester as it will give me various opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development.

First, Manchester University provides a wide range of teaching and class facilities, and excellent learning environment.  The library offers the students access to the largest academic electronic and printed facilities in Europe; its academic computing facilities are also impressive.

Second, the University’s Careers Service is considered to be the best in the country. Long-standing relationships with global recruiters give the students an opportunity to participate in career events and to develop their skills. Workshops, web casts and targeted career fairs provide information about the current state of the job market. Highly qualified career consultants and staff provide training and guidance to help planning the students their careers, give professional advice, and help them to get various professional skills.

Third, the University proves a splendid opportunity to gain intercultural skills as is famous for the most diverse student population in the U.K. Manchester University also provides countless opportunities for personal development with a so-called plan.  Such Personal Development is a collection of documents about a student’s progress through their studies. This Plan encourages students to concentrate on taking their own responsibility and on the development of their own skills.

Having a global reputation for innovation and research, the University of Manchester is ranked the fourth in the UK by employers. Since Manchester University degree is recognized worldwide, it provides with good professional opportunities in future. The University boasts of its collaborative links with public and industry services, its international research centers explore diverse global topics. The degree programs are career oriented, which makes it easier to adapt to professional life in the future and help you gain students relevant skills for their various life situations. 

University of Manchester. Custom University of Manchester Essay Writing Service || University of Manchester Essay samples, help

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