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Leadership is the practice of influencing other people to work toward common targets within a particular setting. Leaders in all fields supposed to understand all the aspects that constitute effective leadership that would influence the achievement of goals within the organization. Both contemporary and emerging trends in leadership should be understood for adaptability and portrayal of quality leadership skills. For instance, Martha would need to understand contemporary trends such as leadership ethics, development of organization networks, and aligning the leadership strategy with the institution’s strategy. Additionally, Martha should understand emerging trends such as enhanced communication channels, increasing classroom technology, and aligning teacher pay with the expected outcome.

This paper explicates significant contemporary and emerging trends of leadership in the educational setting.

Contemporary Trends

One of the most significant contemporary trends is educational leadership ethics. Martha will have to understand the contemporary forms of ethics that govern education. Educational ethics should be incorporated in the performance of educational leadership functions as this will facilitate the achievement of the required goals (English 2011). The performance of educational duties in line with contemporary ethics would promote success in the success of the school as it would promote coordination and respect.

Another contemporary trend is the development of organization networks. The creation of networks within the educational setting a vital contemporary issue and is picking up at the fastest rate possible. There would be improved collegiality and team work in cases where networks are established and duties defined effectively. The establishment of networks in organizations would be vital in improving the performance of duties and the success of the school as a whole.

Last, Martha must understand the contemporary trend of aligning leadership strategies with the school’s strategy. This will be key in ensuring that there is effective leadership development and the organization of teams within the school. The leadership strategy is always to achieve the best for the organization and personal development (Schubert 2004). The alignment of these strategies with the school’s strategy of attaining the best results would be motivation leading to success.

Emerging Trends

The first emerging trend that Martha should understand is enhanced communication channels such as emails and text messaging within the school. Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another within the organization. In the school setting, students, teachers, and the support staff should get effective communication at the required time for the achievement of the required results. Therefore, enhanced communication is effective emerging trend that would foster the school’s performance and ultimate success.

The adoption of classroom technology is another important emerging trend that would ensure the success of the school. Classroom technology is an emerging leadership tool in the field of education that will ensure that the required targets are being realized (Smith and Riley 2011). The adoption of classroom technology will make it easier for teachers to teach and students would understand different concepts easily. It would also be easier to manage different aspects of the school with this technology.

The last emerging leadership trend is the alignment of teacher pay with the expected outcomes. It would be vital to understand that teacher pay affects the motivational level of the teaching staff. Martha should understand the emerging motivational strategy for employees including teachers as this will ensure that they are treated effectively hence boosting team work and their urge to achieve targets. This will play an enormous role in promoting the success of the school.


In conclusion, it is always important for Martha to consider both the contemporary and emerging trends that would boost the performance of the school. These trends would provide a significant level of performance within the school and there would play the key role in ensuring that she would be able to adapt effectively to the changing leadership challenges in the field of education.

Trends in Leadership. Custom Trends in Leadership Essay Writing Service || Trends in Leadership Essay samples, help

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