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Recent research indicate that majority of both married and non married youths aged from twenty years to 29 years seek  and desire for a mate whom they can refer to as soul mate through sharing of immense spiritual and emotional connections. The research finding indicated that the youths believed that marrying a soul mate is the best move towards reducing cases of divorce in the society.

Body 1from Social Institution to Soul-Mate Relationship

A number of interviewed youths agreed that it is important for couples to be economically established before entering into marriage. The contemporary woman is capable of achieving financial independence due to career accomplishment. As a result, contemporary marriage institutions are shifting from social based institutions to soul mate relationships.

Soul-Mate Marriage in a High-Divorce Society

The contemporary youths are attributed for their excellence in attaining their marriage expectations. Although the society is full of divorced couples, several youths are able to find soul mate marriage partners through unions of spiritualized souls.  As compared to the past generations, the current youths seek for lasting relationships based on moral support instead of financial support

Implications of Divorce on children                                                                                                                                                                                                           

It is vital that marriage be  based on intimate soul mate relationship rather than child- bearing relationship. Marriages based on childbearing fail to work out, as the couples are likely to divorce later in marriage. Current divorce rates occur because of unhappiness and psychological stress.  Therefore, it is vital that married couples stay together to raise their children instead of focusing on soul mate relationship.

To Marry a Soul Mate. Custom To Marry a Soul Mate Essay Writing Service || To Marry a Soul Mate Essay samples, help

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