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When the term American football is mentioned anywhere, one cannot help but muse over the fascination associated with the most loved game in America.  This American game has been in the limelight for about a century and others have tried to say that it could have given it a much older timeline than that. The first version of an American football like game was played out by a group of students at Princeton and at that time they played a game known as “ballown”. However, it was not until 1829 that the first game was really played at Harvard and it became a consistent sport that was played every Monday.  The mayhem that American football was characteristic of prompted the introduction of rules so as to induce discipline in the otherwise tough and rough game. Most of the American football operations are conducted professionally.

American football which took a significant diversionary path from rugby required the introduction of various rules and regulations so that it could be a unique game to be reckoned with. Walter Camp was at the forefront in rewriting the history of rugby so as to accommodate American football. The game has over the years become a phenomenon and its turning into a professionally run game, it not only provides entertainment but also a source of income for players. Stars have risen and fallen while the game which was founded on concrete rules and regulations still remains a fascination among many fans and neutrals alike.

The first real showing for American football turning profession was back in 1892 with a maestro known as William Heffelfingers. His contract to play a game for a team pitting against their arch rivals opened the floodgates of success and professionalism that American football has enjoyed over the years. The formation of the American Professional Football Association in 1920 acted as a catalyst to the rise in international prominence of America’s most celebrated game. The association’s name was changed to be known as the National Football League and latter it became to be known as the major league. The NFL eventually has come to be known as the major league in American football.

The phenomenon that is the American football has turned out to be one of the highly rated games in the US. The super bowl which was a merger between two warring factions the NFL and American Football League, has culminated in what is considered the most watched game in the US. The event which is held annually has over the years been attracting die hard fans as well as neutrals who find it exhilarating watching this beautiful game.  The process of operating the American football league in a professional manner has added captivation into the already invigorating game. Although the process of turning the game into a professionally operated game has many up the downturns cannot be ignored at all. The prospects of making lump sums of cash from the game has all but it made it too predictable with the bigger teams acquiring the cream of best players and thus gaining success easily.

The shift to operate American football professionally has added spice to a game that is ardently loved by the American populous. This beautiful game not only provides a fascination for fans to watch but also acts as a source of income for those who find delight in playing it. Personalities are also made in the American football lime light and the unprecedented success that many teams have over the years gained can all be traced back to decisions made to operate the league in a professional manner.

The Operation of American Football. Custom The Operation of American Football Essay Writing Service || The Operation of American Football Essay samples, help

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