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The essence of learning and pursuing different courses is to enable one lead a successful life. No man or woman has ever desired to be failure in life. However, some of those who pursue various courses fail to realize their dreams due to the poor choices of decisions we make. Careers vary and each and every student has got his or her own ambitions. Examples of such careers which most students would like to be associated with includes piloting, being medical doctors and even CEOs of huge companies that are currently spread all over the world. All our ambitions are however possible only if we set achievable targets and let the skies be our limits. Personally, my dream has always been to work as a chief accountant in one or the worlds renowned companies, say the coca cola company, the leading producer of non alcoholic beverages across the world with over 300 brands. Achieving this dream therefore calls for hard work, being self driven and also being innovative in various fields since the technology is rampantly changing the world.

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The coca cola company is a worldwide recognized company manufacturing beverages, beverage retailer and marketer of alcoholic free beverages across the world. The company was put in place in 1886 by the then pharmacist John Stith Pemberton. Its headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. A question hereby arises, why Atlanta? Its founders had to put into consideration many factors before selecting Atlanta as the best place to establish the facility. Examples of such factors included proximity to customers, accessibility, the host community, political legal, the environment itself, and also availability of labor, just to mention a few.  This place was chosen as the best place to initiate the business so as to be convenient and accessible to the customers. The factor of proximity to customers is very important since most businesses consider customers as bosses who keep them in business. Atlanta as a state had a good road network hence it was highly accessible. Good infrastructure made it possible for easy ferrying of raw materials to the company and also transportation of finished products to various distributors.

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Thirdly, the company chose Atlanta as the best place having put into consideration the host community. The people who settled in Atlanta were very friendly and were in a position to cooperate with the stockholders of the company. This fact assured the company that their business was secure since the surrounding community was very humble. Contrary to this, it is obvious that hostile communities are associated with violence and looting of property. This was however not the case with the settlers in Atlanta. In addition, the governance of Atlanta was very good. There was political stability and hence the government of the state availed support to the potential investors and provided securities to their businesses. The location had a room for future expansion. The space adequacy made it possible for the company to establish its headquarters here also because it was much easier to load and offload the cargoes.

The company offers more than five hundred brands of beverages to the market. All these brands have allowed the company to command a large market share thus beating its competitors such as the Pepsi Company. The successes of this company can be attributed to the dedicated staff, the companies marketing strategies, its goals and objectives, and also its mission and vision. Just like any other excelling company, the company's prioritized strategy is that of sustainable growth. The management of this world renowned beverage manufacturer strives to meet their short term commitments as they devise investment methods of achieving their long term goals. Their strategies of success may only be possible by the possession of the company's vision and clearly elaborated goals that guide them in their long journey of market venture and achieve their long term goals and objectives.

Currently, the company is in the process of establishing their strengths in marketing their products and also coming up with innovative ways of tackling the types of challenges that may come their way as they operate in their day in day out business. Further, environmental conservation is part of the coca cola company strategy. Their core aim is to generate energy through the use of core brands that puts into consideration the wellness and health of not only its employees but to the entire public. The company strives to capture the opportunities that come their way. This is cordially through production of not only soft drinks but also other non alcoholic drinks such as juice and juice drinks, sports drink, water among others. In so doing, they ensures that customer satisfaction is achieved thus realizing some of its goals and objectives.

In essence, their main target is to energize the public, make them relax, nourish and most importantly enjoy their products and services. Further, the company gives back to their host communities in various ways. This is achievable through gathering resources and supporting the societies. Their support comes in many ways such as drilling of boreholes to ensure that such communities get clean domestic water. Further, the organization boosts the projects initiated by their hosts thus winning the communities' trust at local levels. To conclude on the company's trategies, increment of their yearly marketing budget is important. This allows the company to gather adequate resources that facilitate them with an opportunity of inventing new products and coming up with models that helps their retailers maximize their sales.

The coca cola brand has been in a position to dominate in the market share as the best producer of non alcoholic drinks. From this fact, we learn therefore that brand loyalty is a vital factor in enhancing good performance and commanding a large market share. Most developing organizations have been borrowing a leave on the coca colas brand due to its excellent performance. The earlier brand of the company was very simple and straightforward. It believed in manufacturing products that are affordable, readily available when needed by the consumers and acceptable to the public. After using the initial traits of affordability, availability and acceptability, the companies' experts improved it and now their focus was to stress on the price value, preference and penetration into the markets across the world. Coca Cola Company has managed to maintain its customers from the fact of having a workable brand. Such customers have been loyal to the coca colas brand thus seeing no need of going for other products since in coca cola, they find satisfaction.

The goals of the company are clear and exclusive. With HIV/AIDS being a major threat to the entire world, coca cola industry has dedicated all its efforts towards combating it. Other contagious diseases such as malaria are among the targeted diseases to be dealt with by the company through the support of other organizations. Some people might be wondering why the company dedicates itself towards fighting against these deadly diseases. The answer is however very clear. Such diseases reduce the labor thus influencing the organization in one way or another. Further, when people lose their lives as a result of such diseases, it means that the company loses its customers thus negatively affecting their business. Another goal is to give a helping hand to third world countries.

Usually, people in third world countries dies because of manageable factors such as hunger, and diseases such as malaria which are otherwise preventable. Majority of the occupants of developing countries are poor hence relies on support from donors and well-wishers. In addition, the company also has dedicated its efforts towards reducing the child mortality rate in developing nations. The aims of this company are more likely the same as the goals established. They aim at improving the health of child's parents, more especially their mothers by imparting knowledge to them in line with health issues.

To ensure that its employees provide their best services while attending the customers, the company has laid down a strategic human resource practice. The major task f human resource is to ensure that the employee's needs are met and the issues or the grievances they raise are dealt with in time. Quick response to such issue motivates the employees thus encouraging them to give their best services possible. Human resource further allows the involvement of employees on decision making process. This removes that notion that is common amongst many employees of feeling left out or rather isolated.

Being the best performing company, many people would like to be associated with Coca Cola Company; I included. However, the job titles that are always advertised by this company calls for highly competent personnel. This is because the company emphasizes mainly on the delivery of quality and timely services to the customers. The company hires people who are flexible in both reasoning and creativity. Researches have shown that people who are creative and flexible possesses a trait of creativity as well. The company therefore calls for people who have got such skills since innovation is essential in this current generation. Secondly, people with good communication skills are appropriate and fit well in the coca cola company.

This is because the company has got its branches spread all over the world hence requires competent personnel. It should be noted that the company is not only interested in oral communication skills but also the person intending to work for the company should be in a position to write well. Further, strong interpersonal skills are always one of the requirements for an individual to work for this company.  The major business of the coca cola company is manufacture and distribution of the manufactured beverages. Marketers should therefore possess good traits when it comes to how he or she relates with the customers out there in the prevailing markets. Such people should be energetic and enthusiastic since marketing involves a lot of work such as much travelling, a lot of talking as you try to convince the customers among other tasks.

With coca cola being a dynamic company moving with the current trends in the generation, it has been in a position to computerize much of its tasks. Currently, many tasks are done using the computer technology. Such tasks may include records keeping, balance sheet reconciliation, and preparation of the company's statement of financial position among other tasks. The use of these technologies has made it possible to keep accurate work and reduce costs of operations for maximum returns. In addition, computer technology allows easy and timely detection of flaws within the organization thus enabling thee management to take immediate action on such flaws. In essence, any recruit intending to be part of the coca cola company should possess a skill of computer literacy. Possession of such skills allows the newly employed person to catch up with the organizations' tasks and also helps in saving time as it minimizes time wastage.

Accounting field is the most crucial in many organizations. The coca cola company hires highly qualified and trustworthy accountant who can diligently deliver their tasks. The company usually prefers holders of MBA, and those who have got experience in the field. Further, the accountants hired should be registered with the relevant accounting bodies in their various places of work. In addition, the accountant recruits should be well conversant with the current trends in the technology, for instance computer literacy so as to ease their tasks. Good communication skills both verbal and written are also some of the qualifications that are essential in such top positions as accounting. For instance, hired accountants in English speaking regions should have a good command of English language, both written and well spoken. Good English is essential in preparation of the journals and statements of income (Robert, Pride & Kapoor, 2009).

With an ambition of working as an accountant in the coca cola manufacturing and distributing company, there is still a large gap to cover up. I should first work hard to acquire my accounting degree before progressing to pursue masters. In the event of undertaking my studies, I should also develop a strategy of voluntary working on any field as an accountant. In so doing, I will be acquiring some relevant skills that will hike my chances of being hired by this world renowned company. Further, I should ensure that I keep up to date with the current trends in technological changes. This will facilitate easy adaptation into the company once employed as an accountant since many companies have embraced the use of modern technologies in handling their day in day out tasks. As per the inventory of my current qualifications, I possess computer literacy certificate and also a diploma in linear programming and web designing. Further, I already have a higher diploma in the field of accounting with two years of experience from a local retailer firm. I believe that possessions of these documents are distinguishing factors between me and other candidates. This is because of the flexibility I posses and can work in a dynamic environment. With a diploma in computer application packages, I believe that handling tasks and keeping records using the current technology would not be of any difficulty (Briscoe & Schuler, 2004).

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To ensure that I cover up for the skills not yet acquired such as a degree in accounting, having a work plan will help. Ensuring accuracy in the operations I engage in is one of the strategies that should be included in the work plan. Although no human being is ever accurate, I should try as much as possible to avoid common errors that are common amongst us as students. Accomplishing this strategy number one will allow me stand a chance of being hired since the company hires those people who handles their assigned tasks with much care. Secondly, I should use the strategy of time consciousness as part of my work plan. Usually, bosses of many organizations are impressed when their employees observe time. Time consciousness allows one to be at the right place, doing the right task and at the right time.

Another possible strategy to incorporate in my work plan is that of volunteer work or asks the company to employ me as an intern. Internships allow the one as a person to know how the company carries out its tasks and how things are done in your field of specialization. In other words, internship gives experience that person who has been hired within the company as an intern. Polishing my communication skills both oral and written should also be a strategy included in my work plan. A person stands high chances of being hired by a company such as this one at hand after having worked as an intern in the same company. This is because at the course of your internship, the company's management will be generally observing the kind of work you are doing, its quality and its relevance to the organization at large. If they find that your work is impressive, they will automatically prioritize your application over that of other applicants (Aswathappa & Dash, 2007).

It is important to request for recommendation letters in every firm that you once worked for. Further, the courses pursued such as those of computer application packages, diplomas in accounting among others should be certified by the issuance of the valid certificates. All these testimonials are essential as a future evidence of the skills acquired as you look for the employment opportunities. In addition one should be in a position to update his or her curriculum vitae. Being in a possession of a detailed curriculum vitae with reliable list of referees is an added advantage that may serve as an evidence of your skills and experiences acquired not only in school but also while in the field. It is important to give details of the persons you consider as the referees. This allows the companies' management to get in touch with them incase they want to determine whether you are trustworthy or not. Detailed and well organized portfolio builds trust between you as an individual and the company as your employer.

The Coca Cola Company . Custom The Coca Cola Company Essay Writing Service || The Coca Cola Company Essay samples, help

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