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Advantages and Disadvantages

The general advantages and disadvantages of using internet- based marketing strategies

This marketing strategy helps Disney to create an enormous database of the company’s impending events. Either, Disney’s products and services information are disseminated quickly thus creating consumer awareness and generating consumer interest. This is because the internet works round the clock; therefore the designated target market can visit the company’s website anytime to make inquiries and purchases. Besides this, other mediums that build a business and customer relationships are exposed through the internet. In addition, this site has encompassed creativity thus raising Disney’s brand image and identity. Furthermore, internet based marketing gives the company the luxury of tailoring their message to reach the chosen target market thus raising prospects of sale and residual returns. Finally, this marketing strategy creates interaction of the company and its customers. Therefore, this allows immediate feedback (Belch & Belch, 2009).

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The disadvantages of using internet-based marketing by Disney involve annoyance because of long downloading times and requirement of updates to view certain video clips or images. Either the company faces challenges in keeping the design of the website simple to avoid cluttering of the website, frustrations of customers, or irritation from pop ups, spam and emails. Instant delivery of identity cannot be achieved through the internet. Finally measurement reached from marketing research in the internet is not reliable due to inefficiency in the statistics gathered (Belch & Belch, 2009).

Essential Factors for a Website to be Effective IN Terms of Marketing Strategies and Practices

The first feature of an effective website mirror on research is that the website must be capable of conducting research in order to evaluate whether the target market of the website uses internet. Return on investment of the website must be evaluated in connection to other modes of marketing (Belch & Belch, 2009).

How does Disney use these Factors?

To guarantee that the intended market is reached and marketing research is conducted Disney uses web logs and blogs. Disney maintains several blogs, which customers use to sign into their website and enter their personal information. Through these blogs, Disney is capable of sending out information regarding air promotions, products, special offers, and services to enrolled customers. Furthermore, these blogs reaches the public with information on future promotions. It also reaches the public depending on the available information in park. Therefore, this keeps the customers updated. Blogs allow Disney to interact with its customers thus gaining information such as customers complains, compliments and the areas the company needs to improve on its products. This gives the company advantage in continual improvement of their products (Belch & Belch, 2009).

Promotion of Two-Way Communication between Disney and the Customer

Blogs contribute a lot in the two-way communication strategy of the company. Through the blogs, Disney is capable of knowing what customers like or does not like in the park. Through this, the customers are able to provide ideas on how to improve the company’s products. Through this information, the company is capable of making decisions based on business and client needs (Belch & Belch, 2009).

Information Gathering by the Website

Disney obtains customer information when they make requests of the company’s products and services. Either more information is gathered when customers sign up in contests or when they participate in surveys or blogs where an application form is filed. During these sign ups, names, phone numbers and addresses both email and postal are recorded. The privacy and confidential policies of Disney ensures that customers provide their personal information without objection. In addition to this, Disney uses its more interactive blogs and web logs to acquire information (The Walt Disney Company, 2011).

How can the Interaction between Disney and Customers Improved

Disney uses its website and blogs to interact with its customers where only parents and guardians are allowed to enter their site first. Disney target audiences are children, and there is the need to create openings in their website where children can access it and air their views. This will allow increased customer visits thus creating customer loyalty.

Response to the Blog

Internet and its accessories such as emails and weblogs have become particularly essential in marketing strategies. Any company that seeks to gain an advantage in the market must embrace this type of marketing. Disney has used this strategy to its advantage. 

Internet Based Marketing. Custom Internet Based Marketing Essay Writing Service || Internet Based Marketing Essay samples, help

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