Homeless Just Need a Fighting Chance

Unintended Consequences of Meyer’s and Evan’s Plan

Meyer and Evan have a plan that will greatly assist the homeless in accessing medical services. From the moral view point, this is acceptable for people since it takes a humanistic problem facing the society. The two want to guard the plight of the homeless, and they want the homeless to lead a healthy life; they want these people to indiscriminately have an access to the medical facilities. However, the plan that the two hatch could have some severe consequences for the course that they are fighting for. First, the administrator at Ridgefield could get to know about this plan and he could refuse treatment to all homeless people. The administrator at Ridgefield could also sue Meyer and Evan for their activity, and this will have a negative effect on Meyer and Evan’s careers. Additionally, the homeless people could be arrested as imposters when they present themselves with fake home addresses. Lastly, Meyer and Evan could start losing the confidence of shelter managers as a result of the rumors that these managers deny shelter to the sick.

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An Effective Strategy for Securing Medical and Shelter Care for the Homeless

The state should provide people with decent livelihood. All people have a right to decent lives, and the government should provide enough amenities (including schools and hospitals)  so that people use these rights to enjoy. Meyer and Evan should know this, and they should use this fact to push the government to provide medical care and shelter to the homeless. Meyer and Evan should engage the government in providing all abovementioned for these people. The duo can appeal to the local authorities to build shelters for the homeless, many of who get various communicable diseases from the harsh environment. Therefore, providing these people with good shelter will ensure that these people remain healthy, and this will reduce the sums of medical funds spent on these people.

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