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Effects of Computers

Effects of computers on teenager interaction

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Researches conducted by various human societies have identified the effects of computers on teenagers. These researches have shown that when a teenager, uses most of their time on the computers, especially on a daily basis, the teenagers end up being absorbed too deeply within the computer world and the virtual world. Researchers have discovered that the consequences of this engrossment is that the teenagers end up looking at traditional socializing, that is the physical socialization as a hard task compared to the activities that they do on the computers and especially the internet (Sears & Jacko, 2009).

Sears & Jacko (2009) also argued that excessive interaction with computer especially on teenagers can give rise to the growth of anti-social conduct among them. Sears & Jacko explained this kind of behavior as the type of conduct that makes the teenagers to lack concern and consideration for other people and consequently causing damage to the society through neglect or deliberately. Teenagers who are excessively engrossed into computers tend to develop an anti-social behavior, unlike normal teenagers who have pro-social behavior that is of benefit to the society (Collins & Cattermole, 2006).

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The APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct also recognize the conducts that arise as a result of excessive interaction with computers. The organization places teenagers' anti-social conduct in the human relations group which lies within their 3rd standard (APA, 2010). The teenagers tend to snap or have mood swings. Some result to isolation from colleagues and violating the society's norms. The researchers have also discovered that teenagers interacting with computers become angry when placed in a normal social situation because they feel unprepared and threatened.

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Excessive use of computers by teenagers has also been discovered to make them deficient of social vocabulary and lack of fluency in spoken language. The reason for this is because, however, the virtual world employs video and audio socialization; most people tend to fake their personalities which they cannot hide in the real world. Researchers argue that computer addiction causes many families grave relationships strains. This is because, the teenagers' excessive involvement with computers cause them (teenagers) to become physically and socially unavailable to social events such as family gatherings (Collins & Cattermole, 2006).

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