American Bar

All the databases were crucial in helping me to unearth crucial information from various angles about the topic. The website on American bar for instance, helped me to get crucial information that touches on the standards to be upheld in any prosecution, the duties of the prosecutor, and the usual conflicts of interests that accompany prosecutorial processes. The first database on prosecution in America was also more important. Its analysis of historical developments in America’s prosecution was phenomenal. More so, I came to realize about John Worral who is not only a scholar but also a renowned person, with a lot of passion for fair prosecution.   Lastly, the data base with Angela Davis materials happened to be my best and preferred data base. Many peer reviewed articles have used information from her book on racial fairness. I fundamentally gained information touching on the entire prejudices different races have had to go through over the years.

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John L. (2008). Prosecution in America: A Historical and Comparative Account, 1-20.

Prosecution in America

Prosecutorial justice in America

Dates- From Americas independence to date

There are many resources in the database and choosing appropriate article is tedious.

Angela J. (2008). Racial Fairness in the Criminal

Justice System: The Role of the

Prosecutor, 203-205.

Racial Fairness in the Criminal

Justice System


Prosecutorial justice in America

Full text on the prosecutorial justice in America

I am quite good in locating articles about the topics required. The only problem is that there might be several articles and abducting the appropriate article is still my problem.

Angela J. Davis, (2009). Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor. New York: Oxford University Press, 203-208.


Prosecutorial justice in America

Pages: 203-208

I have the capability and skills of determining which part of the book is appropriate or not. Just as others above, there are too many chapters to choose from, making the exercise tedious.

Prosecution Function

Criminal Justice Section

Texts on prosecution Function only

Identification of the source needed little skills hence was cheap to find.

Generally, while researching on a particular topic, one is bound to find many related information that he/she never knew about. For instance, the above databases updated my knowledge concerning the prosecutorial injustices faced by different races. Therefore, any single library search will lead the researcher to various sources to choose from and make appropriate conclusion.  

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