A Research On the Reputations of Two Companies


This research seeks to investigate on the reputation of two retail stores companies based in the United States. Are their customer services of quality? Are their customers satisfied with the services they are offered? This is an important study for major businesses.


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The methodology used is that of a comparative case study. There is a lot of information about the reputation of these two companies. This study seeks to ascertain the various comments by customers frequenting the two stores.

Research findings

This study has ascertained that, a company like Wal-Mart has a bad reputation because they have a great desire to make quick profits. This leads it to making questionable decisions, which ruin their business. On the other hand, a business which has a good reputation, for example Target, aim for a slow growth that would eventually pay off, instead of aiming for huge short-term gains (Rowley, 2003).

For a company to achieve a good reputation, they get involved with the community that they serve. They show their customers and the community around that they care for them and give back. They research on places that can make their business grow tremendously. They always give out to charitable events and participate in special events in the community. They take good care of their customers by listening to every small detail they wish be done.  On the other hand, a company which does not focus on all the things named above, they are heading to failure because they will gain a bad reputation (Özekmekçi, 2004).

For both companies, they should note that a good business reputation is what will differentiate between success and failure. Many clients and customers will always be associated with a company that has a good reputation. This automatically mans there will be better financial gains. On the other hand, customers will run away from those companies with bad reputations. They will be associated with losses, even if they lower their prices.

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More often than not, consumers tend to distance themselves from companies whose actions they see as unpleasant, or pose a threat to their safety, health, and the environment. Moreover, for employees to work well and provide their best, a company has to have a good reputation. This will make the employees want to associate with it. This will be good for the general outcome of the company, in this case, Target.


To both companies, it is important to note that their reputation depends on the quality of customer service that they provide. If the customers are pleased, then their client base will swell as well. As for Wal-Mart, they should remember that an upset customer translates to disaster. The chain store should keep in mind that improving their customer services will improve their chances of survival. Despite their size, they should strive to understand what a customer's experience is (Özekmekçi, 2004).

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To Wal-mart, speed, in addition to availability of service is what should be their number one priority. So as to improve their customer service, they should hire managers who interact with customers in a compassionate way. The employees should be the types who welcome the incoming shoppers in a charming manner. Businesses like these are about giving out service on the customer's terms. On matters dealing with internet-based services, it is imperative that they understand the operating systems of their customers. They can also focus on online reviews; they should always respond to their customers. On the other hand, Target should always strive to exceed the expectations of their customers. They should focus on improving their customer friendly processes, customer dialog, as well as the commitment of employee to customer service.

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