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Western Religion

                Many of them said,   “He has a demon and is mad why do you listen to him?”  (John 10:20 The Gideon’s International). This is what most of  Pharisees said about  Jesus as he exorcised demons, restored sight to the blind, healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry and performed miracles that defied the laws of nature such as calming the stormy waters. Indeed, it was not easy for them to believe what Christ was doing. At a point, they believed he was personally possessed by the demons. Most of Jesus’ miracles portrayed him as divine or holy in nature since no human could do what he did. For instance, in during the miracle of restoring a high priest’s servant ear severed by Simon Peter (John 18:10 king James version) no one actually could do that even in today’s world.

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                   The moments, miracles and teachings of Jesus as well as the arrest, trial and death of Christ stands out. They clearly bring out both his divine and human nature.  To begin with, his very arrest at the garden of Gethsemane  showed his human nature, just like any other mankind, he could not resist being taken away despite Simon Peter’s attempts to defend him (Luke 22:54 king James version). During his trial, Jesus was taken to Pilate for questioning. Just like any other person he was queried a lot. For instance Pilate asked him” are you a king of the Jews?”(John 18:33; The Gideon’s International). Jesus underwent numerous tribulations in his trial, something that most human beings go through. Normally, when we suffer, we hate and curse those responsible for our misfortunes. If given the chance we are fast in vengeance unlike Christ because of his divine nature bore no hatred against his offenders. Christ only said “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do “(Luke 23: 34 king James version) meaning he was ready to forgive them.

                The death of Christ also displays his holy nature. The world was covered with darkness for six hours, the sun darkened and the veil torn into two (Luke 23: 44-45 King James Version) .The veil being torn into two signified that Christ through his death had opened way for everyone to get into heaven. Thus, transcendence and immanence of Jesus are displayed as in his miracles and tribulations as analyzed above. In a nutshell all that Jesus did through miracles or his teachings has an impact on our lives and leads to the main theme that he saved us from sin.

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