Women and Children

Women are the majority people in the world who still languish in horrible poverty.  Feminization of poverty was first used after it was discovered that almost over half of the population who survived on less than one dollar in a day were women.  However, this unfortunate trend has been attributed to various reasons. This is due to long the held stereotypes that have discriminated most women and girls. Women have been undermined by most societies and their contribution to most economies is termed as insignificant. This factor has made women to carry out informal unpaid work and the chances of being trapped in this poverty are high.

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Basically, women are known as the main caretakers of children. This makes them vulnerable to poverty as they do not have enough time to earn compared to the men who are exempted from these roles. Inadequate healthcare, less educational opportunities, lower wages are some of the reasons that make the women to continue in this desolate state. The role of women as caretakers has led them to miss out on paid jobs. They tend to fall into almost the same jobs: care workers, tailors, and care workers. These jobs are average paying and also very tiresome and in most cases they can be subjected to danger in their places of work. Though, this high poverty of women is more in the developing countries than in the developed countries.

In the United States, and other developed countries, women have really tried to raise their standards of living. Some women opt to move to the cities in search for paid work. Such women take their babies to day cares where they are taken care of and a certain fee is charged   for this service. Globalization has increased the standard of living of most  women as they are able to access better job opportunities and acquire better skills and hence a better salary. Most countries are recognizing the impact of women and they are no longer being looked down upon.  Although, this has not yet fully materialized a lot of efforts have been put forth.

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