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Janice De Lao a psychology professor at Moorpark College aged thirty-seven has lost a dog belonging to her daughter Mary aged eighteen years. The dog is known by the name Duke, and it helps her daughter who is blinded for a period of two years now to due to an accident in which her father succumbed to death. This is the information registered at the Ventura county Sherriff’s office, under the crime Recovery unit of number, Ph. 494-6211). The dog is a beautiful ho-hum stuff, aged five, wearing a red ham with his name and telephone number on his tags.

The mysterious missing of the dog raises eyebrows and hence the needs to scrutinize and dissect the police report to unmask the stealing of the dog. According to the police it is alleged that duke was stolen while the two (Janice and her daughter) entered a restaurant namely Two guys from Italy in Moorpark. The dog remained outside due to the high warmth, and the point that the two were to having a quick bite in the restaurant. The two people on realizing the dog were missing combed every place but, unfortunately, they missed Duke.

Janice has offered a reward worth $2500 to anybody with information on the whereabouts of duke. The church “our lady of hope” where Janice worships has also offered to compensate Janice and her daughter for the loss of duke by helping her raise $5000 the cost of duke and training in which he underwent. It is due to this deer training that duke passed that keeps the family resolute that Duke could not have run away from the restaurant's premises. The family confesses extreme affectionate to duke and says did duke the same to them therefore, the duty of patriotic and responsible citizens to make efforts of reporting any crucial information towards finding Duke.

Seeing Eye Dog. Custom Seeing Eye Dog Essay Writing Service || Seeing Eye Dog Essay samples, help

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