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How information is stored into your long-term memory•Information is first captured through the senses; enters the mind and is encoded into the sensory memory.•This data will then be stored in the short-term memory after selective attention has been paid to it.•Rehearsal of information in the short-term memory will move it into the long-term memory.How information stored in your long-term memory affects your critical thinking skills
Critical thinking will be based on the kind of information that your long-term memory has stored.It is from the declarative memory that you will retrieve knowledge which you will use to base your judgments upon.Positive example to learning
Information that is in the long-term memory can form a basis of a more complex data making it easier to learn.For example, when, in arithmetic, I am expected to find the volume of a cylinder, the formula of the area of a circle that is in my long-term memory will make me capable of solving that sumNegative example to learningNew information can erase the already known knowledge.For example, new information on current affairs will erase the information you had on what had happened a month or a year ago. This makes it difficult to accumulate a lot of information.Long-term memory is very important to every individual because it makes an individual capable of rationalizing. It is therefore important to train your mind in search a way that you do not lose the information that has been stored there.

Memory. Custom Memory Essay Writing Service || Memory Essay samples, help

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