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Piagets attributes intelligence growth to what ones mind acquire, experience and the transformation process. Remembering and thinking of a person do not occur in the same way in ones life but rather it changes as one grows from childhood to adulthood. The change itself includes content, method and style and it results to cumulative effect of the cognitive activity. This therefore implies that processing of information result to change in the process carrying out the process. This change was referred by Piaget as accommodation.Piaget stressed that assimilation of reality and accommodation is both responsible for intelligence growth. The behavior of a newborn baby is reflexive. This is because the child responds s to external environment and also learns to respond to it. The reflexive activities of a baby include crying, looking and sucking. For a child to survive in the world therefore he must learn to adapt and this involves interplay between accommodation and assimilation.Noam Chomsky's explanation of language acquisition was different from that of B.F. Skinner's. Skinner explained that children learn language through imitation, reinforcement and other conditioning principles. He argued that vocalization is shaped by reinforces till the children get them correctly. Parents play a major role of encouraging their children to do the right pronunciation of words and also learn their correct meaning.
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On the other hand Noam Chomsky explanation of language acquisition was a critique of B.F Skinner's explanation. He argued that there are many number of sentences in a language and therefore it is difficult for children to learn through imitation. Children over regularize some rules thus producing wrong verbs. According to Noam Chomsky these mistakes are consistent in Skinners explanation. Chomsky explained that children learn the rules of a language but not specific verbal responses. In addition, he also urged that human being have an inborn propensity to develop language.In Lawrence Kohlberg's moral dilemmas, Daniel Krebs and Kathy Denton discovered several issues of people's level of reasoning. Lawrence developed situations or moral dilemmas which he then posed to the participants asking them to say what the characters in the dilemma should do. He thus came up with a theory of how people reasoned morally and how reasoning changes as people develop (Eckes & Trautner, 2000).

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Moral reasoning involves three levels which include pre-conventional, conventional and post conventional. In pre-conventional reasoning level, a child makes a decision about what is right or wrong depending on ability to win a reward or to avoid a punishment. At convectional reasoning level, a child is able to understand expectations and rules he is supposed to follow. Therefore, his moral reasoning depends on the rules set by the society or a certain group. Finally, at the post-conventional level of reasoning, people make a decision of what is right or wrong depending on the universal principles of morality. At this level a persons develops some internal standards which guides him on what is right or wrong.Gestalt theory explains how the human beings perception works. It argues that whatever is encompassed in perception act is constituted as field, which is basically constituted of center and margin. This theory relates to the some topic like language acquisition which tries to explain that a child follows a certain process to acquire a certain language. It also relates to the theory of intelligence growth which according to Piaget it involves accommodation and assimilation.Learning capacity increases with age even if there is no training. A child of intelligent parents might not attend school for sometime due to sickness but when he resumes greater learning capacity is manifested. There is a growth of brain in size up to seven years of age and after that there is increasing complexity of convolutions and neuron structure. The rate of growth is peculiar to a given individual who will differ from others in under the same environmental conditions.

Developmentalist. Custom Developmentalist Essay Writing Service || Developmentalist Essay samples, help

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