The US acting as the main leader

The US acting as the main leader has led various coalitions in fighting two Persian Wars. The wars have involved Iraq. The first Persian war was in the 1991 Jan- Feb. period. The US led a 32 nation’s coalition against the Iraqi government in a response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Iraq had accused Kuwait of overproducing oil thus causing Iraq to undergo serious financial losses. Kuwait was also accused of stealing Iraq’s oil. The second Persian Gulf War was in 2003 Mar-Apr. This war was sparked by the failure of Iraq to co-operate with the UN in regard to inspection of weapons. The US also accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction.

The first gulf war was successful and a cease fire was called after most of the Iraq army had either surrounded or fled Kuwait. The second war however has received its fair share of criticism. The US government declared victory but there was no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction as it had earlier declared as the reason for going into the war. During the first war troops were received with much jubilation as it was considered a great success as compared to the second war in which the justifications given for the war did not march up to expectations.

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Unlike the second war the first did not have serious financial implications. This was because the cause for going into the war was justified and it had the support of a large number of coalitions. The second war was unpopular and it was mostly a US and British affair. The second war went through a lot of criticism especially from the locals and other governments. The reason for its unpopularity was because the evidence that the US was using to implicate Iraq was unjustifiable. The US portrayed a negative picture of itself in the eyes of other nations.

The failure by the USA to provide tangible evidence has greatly affected the already fragile relationship that existed with the Middle East nations. Unlike the first war where it had great support the second war received major thumbs down.

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