The Role Of The UN In The World

There are millions of people in the world who suffer from different diseases, disasters and cataclysms. All of them need help. Changing needs and opportunities cause the changes in the UN functioning. The UN is a unique organization which aims to help the countries which suffer from different disasters and wars. Senior advisor of the UN foundation says that the US plays a great role in the solution of global problems. The US has a great power and it is really influential and respected (The Role of the UN in the World n.d.).

The UN is told to be a remarkable form where everyone can agree, disagree, debate, work together, or express own ideas. Thoughts of people concerning the necessity of the UN differ. Some of them speak about the importance of the organization, others about its weaknesses. But before speaking about weak points one should mention all strengths, all positive sides of the organization. And when speaking about weaknesses we should think about the help which may be provided by Americans and how to help the organization succeed. The advisor of the UN foundation is convinced that when the US in fully committed and constructive in this issue, the chances to be successful are always great (ibid.).

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The UN faces problems when it wants to help the country, but the government refuses to take it. Everything depends on the leader; unfortunately many of them are selfish, self-oriented, and corrupt. Some leaders have a military background and are fearful to take any kind of help from the outside world. As an example we may take Burma which suffered from the cyclone. The citizens of the country suffered from lack of food, water and other necessary things but the government rejected all kinds of help. Lots of effort was needed to convince the Burmese government to change their mind. When the UN convinced it to take the help, it was very late as lots of people had died till that time. Leaders of the Countries must remember that the UN is an expert in catastrophic and emergency situations.

We, the people, should always be ready to provide help and be open to everyone in need. The UN is all the time on the alert. I think that its representatives work day and night to find out new way how to help the world, how to improve conditions of life, how to make peace and avoid wars and conflicts. They think about imprisoned, ill, and uneducated. The United Nation wants to solve as many problems as possible, among them education opportunities, environmental pollution, war elimination.

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