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Human rights commonly understood worldwide as the fundamental rights, to which an individual gets entitled to rights, it is for the reason that they are human beings. They exist as either natural rights or legal rights. They can also be categorized as national or international law (Piazza, 2008).

The other main objective of the U.S. government is to ensure that there is respect for universal values at home and abroad, and around the world. The country believes that certain values are universal, and cherishing them keeps the country safe. Values are the best assets to ensure that the country security prevails, and there are no threats to their citizens. These values include people’s freedom to speak their mind, assemble without fear, freedom of worship, equality among all people, equitable, and fair administration of justice. The foundation of the United States of American is mainly on these values. The American government extends its powers into other countries governments to ensure that human rights and value get observed in the governance of those nations. Those countries that value human right are more successful and friendly to the United States of America, than those countries that do not value human rights anymore. The country’s long-term security depends heavily on the support of universal values. Therefore, the American government is pursuing a dual track approach to improve government relations. This dialogue advances the human rights worldwide (Wah, 2006).

It is so obvious that a country is peaceful and prosperous, when it treats women, girls and men equally. The American government also supports the rights of women and girls, this maintains the gender equality. Therefore, women and girls have a possibility to access the equal rights and opportunities as the men do. Regional and international non-governmental organizations are working with the government to prevent violence against women and girls (Diamond, 2002).

The American government has promoted international security using foreign policy, which support the international movement concerned with the human rights. These movements are numerous, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and International Federations for Human Rights etc. These movements are nongovernmental organizations, and follow issues of human rights violation by the states up.

It is argued by the realists that powerful states, such as the United States of America, have no real international interest. They use human rights issues as a way to violate the sovereignty of weak states for either geopolitical or economic reasons (Wah, 2006).

According to my view on human right, some human rights are not applicable in many countries. For example, gay marriage in other states is against the countries cultures, while in other countries, this is not an issue. It is a duty of a country to protect citizens, and maintain the sovereignty. Therefore, there is no need for international intervention, so as to ensure that a country is responsible on how it conducts it daily activities (Wah, 2006).

World peace refers to freedom, peace, and happiness among nations and people. For there is peace in the world, the countries must be able to cooperate with each other by either virtue use of governments that prevents warfare, or voluntarily (Diamond, 2002).

The American government ensures that there is peace prevailing in its own country and other countries. Employment of foreign policies ensures that the American government advances security, prosperity, and universal values. For the world to be peaceful, countries should be united, and should share a common interest. Countries and nations do prioritize their interests in different ways. Therefore, countries interests collide across the world. To promote world peace, the U.S. government ensures strong alliance by strengthening bilateral and multilateral relation with other countries (Piazza, 2008).

It is an obligation of the USA as a country to protect its allies against current and future treats. The government also promotes international security by consulting with their allies in expansion of cooperation, so as to achieve a common objective.

The American government focuses mainly on building a strong relationship with European countries. In the engagement with the world, the U.S. takes European allies as its cornerstone. With its 27 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies, the country strengthened its ability to ensure international security. Therefore, the U.S. government will have the ability to promote democracy in Balkans, and Turkey, and to stabilize its economy (Wah, 2006).

In Asia, the U.S. government formed an alliance with Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, which are the main countries in Asia that promote the international security. Japan and South Korea also promote democracy. Therefore, they share the same interest, which makes it easy for the USA to form alliances with them, since they share the same goals (Diamond, 2002).

The U.S. government forms partnerships with the Northern American countries, so as to maintain its national security. Its main trade partner, which is Canada, is its ally in promoting and maintaining national security. The government also builds a substantive relationship with Russia, since the two countries share the same interest.

The U.S. government involvement in the world peace keeps benefiting its citizens and the people of the world. Therefore, it is rational to state that the U.S. government is no biased when it involves itself in foreign policy (Wah, 2006).

The Fundamental Rights. Custom The Fundamental Rights Essay Writing Service || The Fundamental Rights Essay samples, help

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