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There are diverse views, by different individuals, on the best political ideologies to consider. If one can listen to an expert in an individual field, an individual can be left believing in the discussed system. Every person in the universe desires to achieve the same thing. Of these things, the common one is freedom. The freedom to be able to achieve prosperity, live a healthy life, reduced suffering and free from other social evils like crime. However, an argument arises as to the best method of using in achieving all the objectives; they dream or wish to have in their possession. The method that various individuals use to achieve their objective is what differs. The difference arises as a result of a discrepancy of judgment on how to accomplish their different objectives. This paper aims to compare the two political ideologies; liberalism and conservatism.

In the case of liberals, they believe that a government is supposed to take actions that aim at achieving equality and equal opportunity for all individuals. The government should alleviate social evils and protect the various civil liberties. In addition, human and individuals rights should be upheld. The government acts, in a way, as a guarantor that nobody is needy. In short, a liberal system is one that advocates for government intervention in the solving of all problems (Rawls).

On the other hand, a conservative system is one that believes in the individual responsibility. The government, usually, has minimal or limited intervention in the lives of individuals. There tends to be an occurrence of free markets, a strong national defense, and individual liberty. The supporters of this system believe that a government’s role is that of provision of freedom to individuals. The freedom is aimed at ensuring that individuals are enabled and empowered in the pursuit of individual goals and targets. In summary, conservatives aim to emphasize the empowering of individuals to enable the overall solving of problems (Muller).

There are various defining characteristics of the two political ideologies. The characteristics acted as guidance or traits of the individuals system. In a liberal system, women have the right to determine what they want with regards to their bodies. As such, a woman can undertake an abortion as a fetus is not considered to be human life. Governments should provide abortions to individuals who cannot pay for them; decisions are personal choices. Every woman has a right to sage, affordable abortions (Rawls). On the other hand, conservatism regards life as starting at inception. To abort is equated to the killing of a human being. An unborn baby is regarded as one that has individual rights separate from those of the mothers. As such, taxpayer funded abortion is prohibited (Muller).

Another defining trait of both ideologies is that of welfare. For a liberal system, welfare for the long-term is fully supported. Welfare is seen as a form of ensuring that the needy are considered; or the disadvantaged. Welfare is seen as a form of protecting the needy. Liberals conservatism opposes long-term welfare for individuals. The government should only provide possible avenues to enable individuals to run their own life. The people should not depend on the government for sustenance, but rather become self-reliant (Lakoff).

Liberalism views taxes as a form of providing equality for individuals. The rich are supposed to pay higher taxes. The high taxes are then in turn used to support the poor. However, the higher taxes are also accompanied with a larger government. The taxes are used to create jobs and implement programs that provide for the needy in a society. The two are assumed as a reflection of the extent to which a government cares for its citizens. On the other hand, conservatism prefers lower taxes; in conjunction with a smaller government. Furthermore, the government’s powers are limited so as to improve the living standards of individuals. With a smaller government, the people are encouraged to work and save. The reason for the incentive is due to the smaller amount of taxes in operation. Individuals get to spend the money they earn; as they please. Conservatism view government programs as an avenue for laziness. The programs tend to make people dependent; thus, they end up shunning work (Lakoff).

With regards to marriage, liberals view it as the joining of two people who are in love; gender is not considered as a limitation. In addition, liberals advocate for the protection of a social security system. Also, an individual’s religion should be separated from matters of the state. A regime has the ability or right to seize an individual’s personal property, with compensation, in the achieving of public endeavors. Another defining aspect is that of immigration. Migration, for liberals, is supposed to be legalized; with amnesty for illegal immigrants (Rawls). However, conservatism advocates the opposite of all the above liberal views. The system views marriage is the joining of individuals of two different sexes. The other opinions follow suit in the exact opposite. This gives rise to two very opposite ideologies with one side supporting the exact opposite that the other individual is supporting.

In conclusion, when comparing liberalism and conservatism, the differences are immense; exactly opposite. What one ideology views as being right, the other disagrees. The ideologies also give concrete and agreeable reasons as to their disagreements. To this end, it becomes extremely hard for one to conclude as to which party has the right stand. In the end, all the advocacies are justified; reasonably too. 

Liberal and Conservative. Custom Liberal and Conservative Essay Writing Service || Liberal and Conservative Essay samples, help

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