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Far West nation is among the youngest in America; its land was inhospitable making it hard to settle without assistance of bureaucracy and government infrastructure such as railroads, as well as mining corporations. The Far West boasts a wide variety of climates and geographical features making it unique compared to other nations. Many blocks of historic buildings and resources spanning about a hundred years and a range of building types and styles still exists. There is a collection of large industrial building types which are not found elsewhere making the Far West unique.

The national values were caused and influenced by the World War II cultural matrix that started with technology and strategy of nations using air instead of trench as battlefield. There was a usage of atomic bombs that later led to development of atomic power. America being credited to dropping atomic bombs is led to hyper nationalism, which is viciously a form of ethnocentrism. People have become super patriots placing national pride and supremacy above all other nations. That super patriotism has also been attached to religion, cultures, militaries, sports, colleges as well as large businesses.

The government has had greater control over its individuals especially after the World War II proved this to be a dangerous world. Research value and inventions has been respected in the recent past with the government and corporations investing a lot into it. Governments are reimbursing enough funds to support research in schools and other institutions. Communication has importantly been conveyed through television with most people having access to one. Advertising language is the most common feature occupying one fourth of television content.

There has been an emergence of a social system named “technopoly,” where technology is believed to have a substantial influence in the institutions of societies and is present in all aspects of life today. In simple terms, a society is seeking its authorization from technology and is requiring a development of post-modernization that will dissolve most of the aspects associated with traditional beliefs. This will be a significant step towards a nation value system dominated by technology. The emergence of technology has given us new means to generate new products as well as making new ways of exchanging products a necessity. It drives efficiency, which is a paramount goal for all social institutions. We employ technology as a measure of human aspirations as well as achievements. Technology has values in size, where it targets on making a positive goal towards the growth of economy, as well as individual’s personal growth.  Another technological value is speed as technology drives acceleration of change from one old form to a new efficient and more convenient form. Technology allows the flow and storage of information which have seen most bureaucracy succeed in their missions.

These values form a cultural matrix that needs nation’s intervention for its succession. A coined term, “technocracy” means that the government is encouraging the use of science as the control of all decision making with the scientists, engineers and technologists who have knowledge and expertise composing the governing body instead of usual politician. This integration was highly popular in the USA during the 20th century. This government of technicians and management of society by technical experts and scientist mean that we apply skills in governance and production. This yields high output as well as improving communication means to exchange these products.

These values have made the world more convenient for human beings to live in. However, as much as we embrace the changes, we should not devalue all aspects of our traditional beliefs as some of them still remain indispensable for human dignity. Among our nation’s values, there have emerged movements of Post-modernization and multiculturalism. Post-modernization movement tries to forego the past and its features to a more convenient modern life while multiculturalism on the contrary stresses the value and importance of each group’s cultural past. Both movements have a common aim to raise standards of human life and dignity.

American Nations Political Project. Custom American Nations Political Project Essay Writing Service || American Nations Political Project Essay samples, help

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