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Attention to terrorism has increased rapidly in the resent years. For many years now, terrorist have conducted out attacks against no-combat targets causing some massive destruction by means of viscous assaults. As the objectives change there is no reasons to believe that terrorism will completely stop to exist in the near future. Since terrorism is a tactical approach sued by a variety of organizations it is had to completely eliminate it. The two planes on 11th day of September 2001 crashed the American world trade Centre, every person will become aware of the theme of this paper: terrorism, since the world today has experienced more terrorist attack.

In my opinion the primary product of the 9/11 is fear. Terrorism is not a marginal problem, but a nuisance to be watched in televisions in other countries. The attack on United States was a sadistic assault of their political culture and their ways of life. Terrorism has risen to the top of the political agenda, in the United States it is the most notorious and have declared fighting terrorism as a primary agenda. In domestic and international perspectives fighting terrorism is the top priority work.

Jihadistic terrorism

Before proceeding with this paper, it is important to define the concept of terrorism. 9/11 raised the campaign about terrorism but it did so in a narrow manner. Today terrorism is equated to Islamic violence and Al Qaeda in particular. However, terrorism originated in form French revolution. Thus, terrorism is not an event in that occurred in the recent years and is not also related to Islamic.  There are different types of terrorism: right wing and racist terrorism, social –voluntary terrorism, single issue terrorism, and nationalist and separation terrorism.

Rational For the Study

This paper will focus generally the phenomenon of terrorism and more specifically the justifiable reason as to why the American’s 9/11 was developed. The reason for selecting America is because they seem to have significantly big visions on global matters. In general the United States holds the idea that we live in a very dangerous world, which poses a lot of threat to the beings. They react to those treat by using power; military power. When focusing on the problem of terrorism, the united states seem to use different approaches apart from military power. They seem to conduct very harsh measures, arresting and eliminating the terrorists and to embrace violet approach in tracing the victims. There are several counter terrorism measures that include the interception of mails and calls, electronic surveillance acts of infiltration and these of behavior profiling of individuals. For example the Bush administration is well known for having faith in military interventions. USA’s strategy for fighting terrorism is therefore called the military approach.


In scientific research the concept of poverty is a primary cause of terrorism. Some researchers logically accept that poverty creates terrorism. There are two main ways that poverty a source of terrorism is based. First, the act of terrorism emerges when individual notice that their economic status is imbalanced as compared to their neighbours, a sense of economic inequality can contribute to anger in some people. In respect, poverty is an essential factor in the process of radicalization. The other way that poverty contributes to terrorism is the increasingly recruitment of terrorist groups. The assumption is that the groups bring economic stability to the deprived people. People that live in absolute poverty are in need of aid and therefore are very susceptible to charitable groups like the terrorism groups: the Somali pirates are a good example of this type of groups. While delivering assistance to this people the organizations abuse their position by introducing radical ideas; terrorism. This is the reason as to why the United States provides all round assistance to poor or the third world countries as well to the developing countries. The United States has several agencies like USAID, UNICEF among others that provide welfare in the poor nations to avoid terrorism.


When economic concerns seem not to contribute to the emergence of terrorism there comes the next factor that is democracy. Conditions that give rise to terrorism seem to be political in nature, rather than of the economy. Institutional constrains in decision making power of the countries government is the concern. The drawbacks of these constraints often result to political deadlock and inaction. Political deadlocks and policy inaction induced by institutionalized checks will increases grievances of marginalized groups leading to violence. “Democracy doesn’t decrease the likelihood of terrorist incidents by definition”.

The Role of Intelligence

Intelligence is as a product, an organization, and process. As a process, intelligence involves the gaining and production of intelligence services, as a product it’s the analyses, and as an organization; the agencies that transmit out the intelligence functions. People consider intelligence as provision of military information, secret plans, capabilities of weapons, though this parts are important, it is not the elite part. Intelligence is concerns issues that relate to national security. Search of secret information is the backbone of intelligence activity. It is important to distinguish between intelligence and information. The United States provides a very good intelligence service like; FBI to obtain terrorism information. The information already provided for has led to the actions the U.S. government it taking.

Causes of Terrorism. Custom Causes of Terrorism Essay Writing Service || Causes of Terrorism Essay samples, help

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