Woodrow Wilson

Politics and administration dichotomy was first developed by Wilson to advocate for the separation of politics and administration. Though the idea was good it may not be well applied in the 21st century. The separation of the duo will automatically derail the process of policy implementation since there will be a time gap between the policy makers and policy implementers. This will negate the issue of responsibility in the side of each party. Neither party is fully responsible for the successful implementation of the policies. Blame game will be the order of the day. This is detrimental to the growth and development of an economy. The administrators play a wide range of issues in policy formulation and implementation. They advice the policy makers and draft proposals of the various policies to be discussed by elected officials.The distinction of politics and administration is not practical in that the must coexist because they have interdependent relations. Both have to operate together for the best delivery of quality services and implementation of blue prints. The administrators cannot fully implement a policy they don't understand its background neither will the elected group develop policies without the advice and proposals from administrators. In real life it's impossible to de-link the two.

Again policies should be linked to the priorities of the government and on the other hand owned by the citizens. In these case the elected officials represents the views of the electorate whereas the administration stands by the plans of the governing body. The master plans developed by administrators should contain the views of the citizens. This will ensure that the citizens possess the blue print hence collaborate with the officials during the implementation phase. For instance the President Obama's health care plan received the support of elected officials which expressed the views of the American people. Therefore the implementation of the plan will be easier.The major advantage of this dichotomy is the fact that Administrators depends on their industrial competence to build up the most excellent way to manage the policy and goals set by elected officials, and they must be shielded from political demands as they exercise good judgment based on specialized competence to take up policies laid down by the legislature.

The other advantage is the clear distinction of the duties of administrators and elected officials. This will eliminate the issue of replication of duties, conflict of interest and encourages responsibility and specialization. The duties of administrators are well enumerated to include planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, directing, reporting and budgeting (Wilson & Pestritto, 2005).The dichotomy also shielded the administrative affairs from corrupting officials and political interference. Normally the political classes accomplish their goals through politicizing the affairs and workings of the administration. Because political institutions outline the situation in which managers' functions we should look forward to supervisory and governmental structures to manipulate tenure.The major short coming of the dichotomy model is its adoption as a guide to normative relations in the policy making process. There exists an interdependent relationship between the policy implementers and politics. The administration must coexist with politics for it to perform its duties fully. The strict separation of the two is an impediment to development.

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