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Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory. Custom Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory Essay Writing Service || Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory Essay samples, help


While philosophers were solely determined to acquire knowledge, the lives of Karl Marx and Nietzsche were dedicated to putting into practice their vision of a better society and life. They identified the flaws that existed in society based on the historical wrongs done to humanity. Examples of the wrongs to humanity are the Spanish inquisition and the slave trade of Africans. Both Marx and Nietzsche wanted to make the life in society closer to freedom and equality (Thomas, 2012).

Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory

Critique of Marx was harsh towards socialism of the Bourgeois that still exists in the western concept of governance. The separation of classes between the bourgeois (wealthy) and the proletariat (working class) is still very distinct, and its aim is to hold the workers down. Marx’s description on the Bourgeois methods of entrapping the workers in order to generate production surplus value can be directly related to the current figures in the economic and political world of General Motors and John Kelly (Callinicos, 1989).

Criticism of Marx on the political economy mostly focused on the contradictions existing in capital production in theoretical and practical terms. The struggle between labor and capital, wages and profits was within the concept of capitalism. In that case, the proletariat was opposed to the bourgeois. Marx criticized the bourgeois theory of economy because he wanted to improve and develop it and finally destroy with the abolition of capitalism.

Marx and Nietzsche’s critique of bourgeois economic theory is made clear by a lack of connection between the theory’s conclusions and assumptions. The main assumption was the economic relations, which were natural and unchangeable that made the bourgeois theory fail. This made the bourgeois theory misapprehend its own development. Marx criticized the theory of bourgeois for its practical incapability, and it was just an ideology that was meant to provide the conditions of existence in society. Similarly, Nietzsche’s aim was to make man understand that life was not governed by the rational principles. Nietzsche concluded that life was full of cruelty, uncertainty and injustice just as Marx thought. Nietzsche stressed that man ought to recognize the dark and mysterious world, and he was against the trend of bourgeois society.

With the concept of the past, it is quite clear that the bourgeois theory of economy was an expression of class struggle that existed in bourgeois society. 

Marx and Nietzsche were against the bourgeois social class, which was characterized by the owners of capital. Mostly, it was a social class that was composed of the wealthiest within society. They cared only about their own interests.

The things that could be borrowed from bourgeois society are production development and labor productivity. The objective of economists was to investigate various aspects of the economy and, hence, determine the outcome of one or other policy, the way it performs a useful function for capital apart from their simultaneous ideology system of defense. Instead of Marxist pointing out the apologetic nature of theory, Marx had to put into consideration its practical consequences and acknowledged the double functions of economists.

Although Marx looks at the push for greater profits as a bad thing, he aims at maximizing profit in the bourgeois theory. This is very practical in today’s world where many firms and political governance want to get the best results.

Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory. Custom Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory Essay Writing Service || Marx and Nietzsche’s Critique of Bourgeois Theory Essay samples, help

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