Ethical Practices

Ethics is principles of wrong and right that people, acting like free moral agents can use to select on them and guide their behavior. Ethics in an organization refers to issues that the managers have to confront in their daily business decision making processes and include equity, honesty, rights and exercise of corporate power. Business ethical issues in an organization can be categorized in three broad arms such as employee privacy, workplace safety and security of an organization records. Technology ethics is based on four principles which are proportionality, justice, minimized risks and informed consent. Information systems come up with renewed questions on ethics for both societies and individuals this is because they come up with opportunities for numerous social changes thus posing a threat to existing money, distribution of power, obligation and rights. Therefore in a networked organization there should be guidelines for employee ethics. Such guidelines can include acting with integrity, accepting and bearing responsibility for ones work, setting high and achievable standards of personal or individual performance, increasing professional competence and making advancement in privacy, health and the welfare of the general public.

Security in a networked organization is concerned with the individuals who always try to access remote or intra-organizational services that are unauthorized to use. Security issues are usually caused by malicious individuals who may want to benefit or harm someone.   Security challenges in an organization include hacking, software piracy, cyber theft, unauthorized use on duty or at work, computer related viruses and worms and piracy of intellectual materials.

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Data aggregation firms like ChoicePoint and Acxiom deal with compilation of information from a separate detailed databases on certain individuals and selling the information to other people or companies. Such practice of data aggregation can cause potential security problems and infringement on human and intellectual property rights. So firms that deal with aggregation do not respect individual’s privacy.

In any organization there should be code of conduct or ethical policies that should be adhered to by all employees. Policies will help to safeguard company’s information and secrets, they will assist in defining boundaries of personal or individual behavior and the business behavior, and they will guide personal conduct and help in articulating corporate culture.

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