Electric Automobiles, Are They Better

here has been a rising need to seek alternative energy sources to power automotives as compared to the use of oil fuels which have negative impact on the environment and due to the fact that they are not renewable. This has led to the development of electronic automobiles which are powered by electrically charged batteries and the popular believe is that they are environmentally better than traditional gasoline powered automotives. In this term paper we examine factors that negate this popular opinion because they are actually not cost effective neither environmentally friendly nor safe.There are factors that when considered carefully, the conclusion will be that the electronic automobiles are not better. These factors include analysis of their efficiency, purposes and comfort. We shall give the details of these negative factors of these electric cars and at the conclusion I am sure anyone will be convinced that actually they are not effective as they were thought. The most conspicuous among them are factors that indicate that they are not cost effective and that is where we begin to dig deeper to this fact.They are not Cost EffectiveTo begin with, electric automobiles are very expensive to purchase or own. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers put a lot of investment on their manufacture and in the process a lot of electronic parts go to waste. Therefore the manufacturers would raise their prices so as to recover all their costs incurred including the wasted parts during the production process (Bhat, 2010). Thus it makes no sense to buy a very expensive vehicle whereas you can obtain a gasoline powered car with more less investment. Thus with its intention to discourage usage of gasoline automobiles, it fails in terms of high purchase costs involved. In the current tough economic situations, there is no need to acquire a high cost electronic automobile.In addition, highly skilled expertise is required to develop an electric automobile. This means that it is very costly to cater for all the required teams in terms of their labor costs and availability. Therefore this fact adds to its cost ineffective means of productions where a lot of money has to be put into consideration to achieve its working status. This costs and low returns on the performance of electric automobiles have discouraged big multinationals like GM from investing in it (Ridley, 2006). Thus cost inefficiencies coupled with low returns have resulted in a go slow attitude concerning the electric automobiles.Moreover, electronic vehicles are prone to "component breakdown" making it unreliable. The electronic automotives just like any other electronic gadget can breakdown at any time abruptly like an electric blackout. Other than causing a lot of inconvenience, it may take several hours and skills to diagnose the problem let alone fixing it. Therefore it becomes an uphill task to operate an electric automotive which can be interrupted by electric fault at any moment on the road. Therefore unlike gasoline powered engines, it is difficult to predict a breakdown letting you to be disappointed and even might miss important appointments if that was your only means of transport. These "component breakdowns" makes the vehicle to be unreliable and expensive due to time wastage and repairs (Electronic Ignition, 2005).The other component of electric automotive which forms core inefficiency is the battery it uses. The batteries used are too large and bulky to be carried around (eSmarts, 2005). This makes it expensive to move the battery from one point to the other especially for the purposes of recharging. The other disadvantage of the large battery is that it occupies too much of space in the automobile thus making it bulky to carry. This is an inconvenience because it takes space which could have been used to carry some other items and even make money on the vehicle. Thus it becomes costly to have a battery which occupies too much space and has to be ferried wherever the automobile goes.Furthermore, there are very few recharge stations for the electric automobile batteries. This means that it is difficult and time consuming to find a recharge station (eSmarts, 2005). To add to its problems is that the recharge itself is expensive because the providers enjoy monopolies in that sector. Thus the act of searching for a recharge station coupled with time wastage and expenses involved makes it a cost ineffective process that comes due to owning an electric vehicle. This is unlike gasoline powered vehicles that can get oil fuels at any other station on their journeys and they do not need incur any costs storing fuel.Also, the battery has to be recharged for approximately twelve hours to be full so as to take another journey (eSmarts, 2005). The twelve hours does not serve a busy individual who wants to run several errands using the electric car. This is because the vehicle has to be parked for twelve hours to recharge especially because the battery is too bulky to be removed all the time. Therefore as compared to a gasoline powered automobile, the owner would have carried out all errands and have time to rest without having an headache of waiting for a twelve hour recharge which ends up wasting valued time. Thus in terms of assisting the owner generate income by fast movements electric car is not capable, making it worthless to own.

Continuing with the battery problems is that it has a short lifespan of three to four years (Information for Action, 2010). This will mean that the battery has to be replaced after that short time so as to continue enjoying the benefits of your automobile. The payback period for the battery is way beyond the lifespan therefore the investment in the battery in not viable as compared to the benefits obtained in that short period of three to four years. For any wise investment decision, any money invested on an asset should be able to be recovered or enjoyed for a given period so as to make it a sound investment. Therefore, a lifespan of 3 to 4 years for the electronic battery does not make any economic sense at all.After the lifespan of a battery is through it is inevitable that it should be replaced for continued functioning of the automobile. However, another problem arises at this point. The battery replacement is very expensive ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 (Information for Action, 2010). Considering this cash outflow after every three to four years is a problem which can only be avoided by not using an electric automobile. The fact will remain that an electric automobile is expensive to maintain let alone replace one single battery which makes it unrealistic for any potential buyer. Thus anybody would actually prefer to stick with gasoline powered automobiles than get themselves into debts trying to enjoy their "electric powered engines".To make the matters worse, a fully recharged battery makes only an average of 50 miles before another recharge is required (eSmarts, 2005). Consider a situation where you recharge a car battery and you have 120 miles to cover. Imagine getting to 55 miles and your charge runs out meaning you have to get a recharge as long as you want to continue your favorite journey. This is where you endure the headache of unavailable recharge station unless you get a Good Samaritan to carry your battery using his gasoline powered vehicle. Otherwise you are left with no option than fail in your journey. Therefore it is just not practical to use an electric powered automobile for distances over 100 miles thus making it inefficient and neither economical for such distances as compared to powerful gasoline automobiles.To complicate the matter of electric automobiles, they cannot cruise, accelerate or climb fast enough as compared to gasoline powered vehicles (Bhat, 2010). Thus they have limited power and energy to cruise as required of any efficient means of transport. Therefore as it goes slowly, valuable time is wasted on the road which could have been utilized by the automotive to add value to the owner. Thus it cannot compete with gasoline utility vehicles which are capable of cruising to crazy speeds achievable. That makes us conclude that though it is renewable energy, a lot of money is lost due to its slow nature making it cost inefficient to carry out assigned tasks.Another outstanding problem of electric automobiles is that they are sensitive to heat, internal stress, vibrations and so on. This means that they can easily be affected by these factors in the day to day operations. Due to these, a lot of cost is used to improve the interiors and exteriors so as to upgrade to withstand the tough conditions. These upgrading include installation of coolers, rubber sheathing and other accessories. Therefore all these modifications and improvements digs deeper to the pockets of the owners and producers thus making it cost ineffective. Imagine a vehicle that you drive for five miles and a component gets damaged due to vibrations, then you notice that these upgrading are necessary.Moreover, installation of more accessories such as radio system and air conditioning among others will come as an extra burden to the already drained battery (Bhat, 2010). This means that with these gadgets on the vehicle, the battery may not reach the 50 mile distance because of shared power with accessories. This means that you may have to forego your comfort so as to cover much more distance. However, because we have believed that our vehicles are our pride, we cannot afford to drive one without the necessary comfort and that is where the electric powered automobile cannot meet our comfort requirements. If you decide that all accessories should be included it will be too much of an expense which is cost inefficient.The other cost is associated with disposal of used batteries. The legislations of any particular country may have put measures which require disposal of electric items in a certain manner and require investment in such methods. This makes it an expensive process to carry out disposal of each used battery after 3 to 4 years (Information for Action, 2010). Also, the other gadgets may be expensive to get rid off when their lifespan is over. Thus despite the high costs of acquisition of electric gadgets for automobiles, it becomes another costly affair to dispose them. Therefore we can conclude that the electronic vehicles are not cost efficient when it comes to disposal and it would only be necessary to avoid as possible.

To wrap up the cost inefficiency of electric automotive is by use of the fuel advantage of gasoline powered vehicles. There has been development of latest models of fuel economical gasoline cars coupled with the low gas prices (Ridley, 2006). Therefore, why should you spend a lot of money developing a costly electric car when you can access the same service comfortably through a gasoline car? It is a fact that people will prefer affordable service irrespective of the other available options. Therefore given an option of cheap gasoline and expensive electrical maintenance, it is sensible to choose gasoline cars. That is why my view on electric cars is that they are not necessary because they do not meet cost effectiveness for the users.They Are not Environmentally FriendlyTo begin with, there has been overwhelming support for electric automobiles on the belief that they are "clean and green". However, electric automobiles actually cause pollution. This comes in form of toxic elements which could spew fumes while they are in their normal operations (ArticlesBase, 2010). By toxic elements it means that it affects the environment in the long run because there are no neutralizing reagents and thus they dissolve in the air. Accumulated toxic substances in the environment have a slow and sure effect on the clean environment that we would all anticipate. Although the damage is not of the magnitude of oil fuel combustions, they surely have environmental effect.Moreover, the lead and sulphuric acids in the batteries are an environmental hazard (Information for Action, 2010). This is because when they are disposed they cannot be neutralized by any means leaving the substances to enter the environment. Going by the rate of replacement of electric batteries for automobiles, it means that a lot of disposals would be done. This exposure is not happening only at disposal but also during accidental spillages. Now considering their entire cumulative effect on the environment in the long run, it will be real disaster. Therefore, the electric automobiles should be discouraged with all terms means possible. Thus unless an environmental friendly means of disposal is found, it will add to the list of dominant environmental hazards created by man.In addition, electric vehicles are not completely "emission free". This is if the electricity used to charge the battery is produced in a coal or oil fired generator. Thus the electric energy is produced through generators which pollute the environment (Bhat, 2010). Therefore as long as the means of producing the said clean electricity for automobiles is not clean, it implies that the entire use of electric automobiles is not clean and pollutes the environment. Here the magnitude of damage to the environment is equal to that of normal gasoline powered vehicles. It is like emission of toxic substance concentrated at one region of electric generation and ensuring wherever the electric automobiles go is clean air. However, due to the fact that the environment is one irrespective of point of pollution, the impact and effects are detrimental.We know that the global environment is already polluted by ball kinds of emissions. However, these electric automobiles change the composition to worse by increasing the amount of suplhur oxide which is the key cause of acidic rain as well as increasing ultra-fine particles which do have a negative effect too (Bhat, 2010). This means that electric automobiles will add injury to already destroyed environment. The problem with changing the already polluted environment with toxic elements is that it magnifies and accelerates the reactions which quicken destruction of global clean environment in a short time possible. Therefore we conclude that it is important that the use of electronic vehicles be discouraged to reduce their impact as they are not environmentally friendly.The other issue of cost is that associated with training those who would like to drive the electric powered vehicles. There are few existing driving schools which offer training of electric driven vehicles and as such do it at monopoly prices. There will be no electric car purchases if people are not aware of its usage and so education is required. However, since the cost of training is high, it would be advantageous to stop the usage of the electric automobiles. This is because the benefits of training cannot be recovered and thus it is cost inefficient.Another important factor that I will not forget is that of overwhelming battery acid smell before the end of charging cycle (Electro Automotive, 2010). This is because we all need an environment free from a nuisance smell. Although it has been accepted that the smell is normal, I do not agree with the discomfort that gives people at certain times. Our dream is to have a clean environment at all times with no exception to batteries of electric automobiles. Thus the originally intended "clean and green" environmentally friendly automotive has not been achieved through electric vehicles and I strongly discourage their usage.They Are not Really SafeIt is true that a lot of effort has been made to make the electric automobiles be safe as possible and I am not in any way disputing this fact. However, due to the nature of electricity involved, a lot of caution is required so as not to make any mistake that could risk your safety. In our case we discuss these factors that need extreme caution so as to help us understand its real negative impact if we fail to be cautious. Thus the electric automobile is not completely safe and as a matter of fact it would be better to do without the risk of accidents.We begin with the safety concerning the braking system. The heavy weight of the electric automobile can affect the braking system if not handled properly. It will be necessary to maintain a low centered weight and balanced from the front to the rear. More importantly suspensions should be tightened as possible as well as use of heavy duty brake pads and shoes which are powered (Electro Automotive, 2010). After all this is done then you can be able to be safe in an electric vehicle. Therefore since these upgrading and safety measures are sophisticated and costly, it does not make sense to have an electric vehicle and fail to install the heavy duty power brakes thus risking your safety.The other safety issue arises out of the weight of the batteries in an accident involvement. It is necessary that you make sure that the batteries are fastened tightly inside their positions and mounted on the chassis. This is a procedure that you should ensure every time before driving an electric vehicle. This is because unfastened battery can be hazardous to your life if involved in an accident due to its weight (Electro Automotive, 2010). Thus to avoid the hazard posed by cumbersome batteries for electric vehicles, it is important that we discourage the use of these vehicles. This is because it is possible for one to forget to fasted the batteries and incur serious safety effects.There is a common believe that in case of an accident, batteries will explode and spew acid. Although I may not believe in this school of thought, it is creating a lot of concern from several people intending to use electric automobile. For instance, imagine acid spewing on you and there is no water to wash, what would you do in the event of emergency? It would be a disaster if it burns you due to delayed action to wash. Although gasoline might irritate, it does not burn like in acids. Measures have been put to avoid spillage by separating cells containing small amounts in each to reduce the magnitude of all of them splitting open (Electro Automotive, 2010). However, it remains to be a risk that would not have been there if all electric automobiles were avoided. Thus I strongly recommend that electric cars are actually avoided because such accidents could be of devastating effects.The other doubt that has been generated over time is about danger of electromagnetic field which is associated with electricity. Although electromagnetic field is more associated with alternating current devices, there is a process of conversion from direct current which is of our concern. According to research, the only significant amounts of electromagnetic field are within three feet of the charger. However, the people who do not understand are full of fear which could be eliminated if we do not use electronic automobiles at all. Further explanations are given that the electromagnetic field occurs in the garage and driveway at night in places where there are no people (Electro Automotive, 2010). However, there is no guarantee that all the time it happens it may not affect somebody. That is why I stick to my objection to the electric vehicles that they are not safe.There is my other safety concern that has been created a lot of discussions. This is whether the electric automobile can shock somebody. Due to this concern, multiple layers of safety have been inbuilt. The other safety measures installed include main conductor, a circuit breaker, and fusible connections. There is also a possible way to disarm the battery manually and cut the circuit (Electro Automotive, 2010). However, with all these measures, no one explains what to do in case of any failure of these gadgets. This means that if any unprecedented incidence happens and the measures do not work, then it actually can shock somebody. Thus the only way to avoid all these safety concerns is by doing away with the electric powered automobiles.Finally my safety concern lies on the quality of the produced electric vehicle. It is true that quality is an idea of improvement over time. It is the actual process where you are able to identify problems and defects and improve on the next time you carry out a similar procedure (Answers Corporation, 2010). However, my concern comes from the fact that it has taken a very long time to produce an efficient electric automobile. This means that the quality measures in place are poor and as a result the outcome cannot be reliable. The problem is magnified by the fact that a few electric vehicles have been manufactured thus little development and improvement implemented. Therefore to avoid disappointment in an electric car which has not passed quality improvement, it would be better to avoid its use as possible.After indicating all the above problems concerning the inefficiency of electric automobiles, we are left with nothing else than to conclude that it is neither cost efficient, environmentally friendly nor completely safe for use. The comparison between gasoline powered car with the electric power in terms of performance, availability, safety and cost efficiency leaves no doubt about this conclusion. Although it is a popular belief that electric cars are environmentally better, I disagree and hope that those who believe would just take their moment and analyze its benefits and they will soon join the school of thought that actually gasoline powered cars remain to be the favorite.

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