Investing in Me

This article analyzes the current trend of multinational companies investing money in employees in the name of building their talents and skills. The author talks about the most recent company to adopt this trend – HSBC bank, which sent its eighty employees on a week-long holistic training course in India. The whole world is facing hard economic times, and this has had an impact on the various aspects of businesses. In the article, we understand that personal development is one of the aspects of businesses which have not been affected by the economic crunch. Personal developments include things such as team bonding, diversity awareness, leadership training, and learning how to be an effective manager. For companies such as Future Considerations, which offer consultancy services in these trainings, business is booming as most multinational companies apply for them for the employees training programs. The employees from Cadbury, Tesco, and KPMG are in top on their training list. To these multinational companies, an employee who is well-rounded is more productive, and this warrants investing in anything that will improve the employees' skills (Caunt, 2003).

The main focus of the article is to analyze whether this move is genuine and productive to the multinational companies. The author cites Future Considerations’ director – Cari Caldwell, who is applauding the trainings because they offer a platform in which employees can comfortably air their views and learn from each other. Team building and leadership training offer employees the opportunities to reflect on their lives, work in a cross-cultural team, and many other things which at the end mould an all-round employee. On the other hand, the author argues that these self- improvement trainings could be a way of spoon feeding employees on the dos and don’ts of the office. As much as the trainings seem to be useful to every company, there is a need for reflection over an unswerving relationship between the increase and rise of self-development and the dilapidated economic situation of every employee (Bogda, 2010).

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The article brings into play several cultural issues. The main one is the use of money by companies to ensure that the employees are in a good state of mind to work. The current economic situation of the entire world is unsatisfactory and not all the companies can afford to spend lots of money on personal development. Culturally, personal development is mainly a state of mind, and if the employee does not feel himself/herself comfortable, no amount of training will improve their performance. The money invested in this training could be helpful in increasing the employees' salaries which will have a more considerable impact than self- improvement trainings. On the other hand, this move by companies to invest in training is understandable as they aim at retaining employees who are productive. The current era in the business world is a competitive one, and it calls for all companies upgrading their employees' productivity (Pelz, 2010).

As long as companies wish to have productive employees, they may invest in other ways which can also be useful to their well-being especially in this hard economic time. For instance, improving the employees' compensation and benefits will be more motivating than taking them across the world to learn new leadership skills. The employer should improve the salaries, allowances and encourage self-improvement training so that the employees are able to strengthen their intrinsic motivation to work. This will enhance productivity and responsibility of one’s performance. Each company needs to identify motivating elements that improve employees’ performance. The ideology of conforming to perform should be minimized so that employees can be able to devote their time to work. 

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