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Musical Instruments. Custom Musical Instruments Essay Writing Service || Musical Instruments Essay samples, help

In this song different forms of musical instruments are used in order to make the music more entertaining and interesting. The usage of a wind instruments can be distinctly heard to a careful listener. The wind instruments are played with the aim of producing a desired sound. The instrument in this song brings the principle of harmonics, frequencies and sound waves. The wind instruments that are used in this song include flute, saxophone and pianica.  The wind instruments in the song bring the mood of harmony and flow making it produce harmonious sounds and flow in a given direction. On the other hand, there are percussion music instruments in the song which are suppose to be struck or beaten on their surface with an aim of producing vibrations. The percussion instruments that are played in this song include drums, bells, marimba and triangle. These instruments bring a mood of varying sound in the song in order to pass different tones in the melody. The combination of wind and percussion instruments makes the song more interesting as they bring the feeling of varying tunes throughout the song and make it more harmonious. In my own opinion I find these instruments very important in the song as they improve the quality of the sounds produced in the song and make it more appealing to different listeners (Blades and  Jmes, 1992).


In this song there a different movements that are being used by the composer to pass his message to the listeners and stir a particular kind of emotions in his listeners. Firstly, the composer uses expressionism movement to bring out his emotions in the song. He makes the song more subjective and spontaneous in nature. Through this movement in the song the composer is able to bring out his emotions of being in pain. The movement that is evident in this song is minimalism, namely - the repetition, which serves to express his emotions (Brown and Mayer, 2008). This movement in the song shows the composer’s serious attitude toward the topic of the song. In order to expose these movements in the song the following instruments have been used: the drums, the flute, the guitar, the marimbas and the pianos (Campbell, Murray,  Greated, Myers and Arnold, 2004). The song made me feel sad as I recognized the pain of the composer through the movements he had used in the song. The name of the piece is appropriate. The music can be used in a classroom to motivate movement activities. The song produces good movements which the students can learn from and gain an understanding of the instruments which can be used to bring the movements more clearly.


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In this musical piece different forms of instruments have been used. Firstly, the composer uses wind instruments such as the English horn, the flute, and the saxophone to make the music produce tuneful sounds. These wind instruments create a harmonious mood in the song making it more appealing. Percussion instruments are used with an aim of producing tonal variation mode in the song (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2004). The instruments that can be identified in this song include the drums, the djembe and the duff. The song also uses brass instruments such as the trumpet and the bugle to bring the mood of relaxation in this song (Baines and Anthony, 1993). Finally, the musicians use string instruments such as guitars and  violins with the aim of bringing out the mood of wave variations so that the song becomes more entertaining and interesting to the listeners (Bicknell and Stephen, 1999). This is a musical piece that can be played to the primary school children as an example of a song from a different culture as it reveals the rich cultural aspect of the composer that can be displayed by the instruments used, movements and clothing.  The music that can be used as an example for depicting different cultures are Jamaican reggae and Dominican merengue.

Musical Instruments. Custom Musical Instruments Essay Writing Service || Musical Instruments Essay samples, help

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