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The Dietary Guidelines Recommendations and Critique

To have an ideal figure and to be fit and healthy is a dream of every woman. That is why we refer to different diets or recommendations given by specialists in order to look well and. Having read the executive summary of the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines, I have come across some recommendations which appear to be a real challenge to me. I agree that we should increase our physical activity, but it also depends on the daily schedule as sometimes it is really hard to find time even to have a 10 minute rest; it is also tiresome to control total calorie intake as you have to calculate every eaten calorie and before buying any food it is necessary to examine labels carefully, it means that going to a supermarket may take half a day or even longer; it is also a problem to me to consume milk products as I have rejection.

A lot of diets and recommendations are criticized. Harvard School of Public Health has criticized The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and to my mind most of the remarks are really justified. I completely agree that the US Department of Agriculture may be interested in promoting definite products on the market in the way of recommending them as healthy and necessary ones. The guidelines are also not clear enough as they highlight very vague information, for example, is said that it is healthy to eat more milk products, but ice cream, butter and cheese should be excluded from daily ration, and milk products are not the only source of calcium. Moreover, the Dietary Guidelines keep 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day as the upper limit, whereas adults should consume only 1,500 milligrams. Each organism is individual and before following diets and recommendations we have to consult a doctor or appeal to qualified experts.



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