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The Alcohol

Alcohol seem to have been in use from pre-historic time and has not been the preserve of human kind alone, it is apparently a much sought after beverage even by animals and insects. Evidence to support this fact is not completely conclusive but one verifiable fact is that the human and several animal species have been indulging in the use of this intoxicating compound since humans started recording history. Ethyl alcohol which is the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages does not hold any real medicinal value when ingested,  most people consume these alcoholic beverages mainly for their psychoactive properties. From the working definitions of drinkers, it is evident that many people who consider themselves as social drinkers actually fall in the category of alcoholics.

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The attraction towards alcoholic beverage consumption is seen to be the result of  the expectations of “good times” that its consumers look forward to but is usually followed by very negative side effects and consequences. But do alcoholic beverages moderately taken really hold any health benefits as is claimed, from prevention of some form of cancers to heart diseases. It is also not quite clear what amount constitutes “moderate”. All in all, the negative side effects and consequences of alcohol consumption far outweigh any benefits that can be gained if any and the chapter presents a strong case for the complete avoidance of alcohol, a positive decision considering the long list of harmful effects of alcohol. It s a source of information that must be referred to so as to make proper decisions concerning alcoholic beverages.

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Alcohol dependency is not as hard to acquire as most people tend to believe, it is prevalent, does not require a very great quantity of alcohol and neither does it take a very long time.  Dependency can occur in a matter of weeks if alcohol is taken daily.  Once one is dependent on alcohol, breaking off is an uphill task and most cases will require professional intervention. It is not selective of age, gender, race or social status and people who on the outside seem very normal would upon closer examination be found to be dependent on alcohol. Alcohol dependency also takes many forms. Many who are dependent on alcohol will not admit it until it is too late especially if they are of  high social standing.

Alcohol dependency is the  source of a host of very grave problems and anybody with sense should seek help when beset with this problem. What is not clear is how to approach the problem of alcohol dependency in members of the society with high social standing and who seem to be living normal lives. And how do we define the proper level of alcohol intake. These are questions that definitely need methodical approaches in order to come up with individual specific answers but they  are definitely  falling in the gray area

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This reading has had a very profound and positive effect as it has served to reveal previously hidden facts about alcohol dependency.  Some of the facts presented were before being taken for granted   and these are the grounds on which usually, poor decisions are made and misconceptions taken as truth.

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