Hospital Management

Following the latest growing demand for the transplantable organs by the hospital clients, there is a dire need for the supply of organs to meet their demands, specification, and precision to the purposes, which they are intended for, within the required time. The hospital is committed to the supply of transplantable organs within its reach, conduct tissue type matching promptly, and guarantee timely supply of the organs. Nevertheless, this crucial practice has raised a lot of ethical issues which this memo serves to clarify.

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The need for the transplantable organs is a reality among the hospital clients, and organ donation has successfully saved lives of many patients. Considering the overwhelming benefits associated with the organ transplantation, the hospital will continue its plans to remove and preserve organs from donors who have just died for some other reasons unrelated to the organ. In order not to let healthy and usable vital organs go to waste alongside the remains of the deceased, it will be prudent to remove them immediately, with the full knowledge and consent of the next of kin, for the purposes of future transplant in other needy patients, whose lives are jeopardized by malfunctioning organs of the same type.

Most importantly, the hospital has not received any complaint, so far, in its endeavor to supply transplantable organs, as it poses harm neither to the deceased, nor to their relatives, but helps several other patients (with failing organs) lead a good life again. This is a phenomenon, which would never happen, if there was no supply of organs for transplantation. Therefore, the hospital fraternity is asked to support this endeavor, and further inform the public on the benefits of the practice.

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