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Common Problem Worldwide

Shortage of nurses has been a common problem worldwide. The intervention mechanism will involve the following: firstly, identifying the problem and the main causes of this situation. Secondly, an effective plan will developed taking into consideration all those parties involved and will be affected by the plan. Thirdly, the plan will be evaluated. This will help to show the changes that have been witnessed after and before the incorporation of the new policy. In case the new policy has positively influenced the nursing community, it will then be disseminated to the leadership team, nurses among other staff. Incorporating a theory assists in implementation and evaluation of the project. Moreover, the theory will enable the team to determine the relationship between patient and nurses who are the main players in the healthcare. Eventually, the organization will be in a position to solve the problems affecting the nurses in their context.

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Nursing has been inhibited by lack of sufficient nurses. Most nurses have left the profession in search of more rewarding jobs. There has an increase in the rate at which nurses are leaving the profession. What are the main causes of this phenomenon? Some of the reasons which are cited for nurses leaving the profession include: lack of proper workforce planning, inadequate mechanisms, poor recruitment, poor incentive structures, insufficient career support, and low supply of new staff as well as poor policies regarding retention of the staff. Thus, this research proposal recommends adopting of an effective policy to address these problems.

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An applicable plan must be developed to solve the problem of shortage of nurses. The plan must be in accordance with the needs and requirement of the organization. The plan must involve both the leadership team and the general staff. In his theory “Interpersonal Relations”, Hildegard Peplau proposes that an effective nurse to patient relationship must be developed. He maintains that when such relations are developed, nurses feel motivated in their work place hence reduction in the rate at which nurses are leaving the profession. Thus, this theory will act as one of the methods that will be used to implement the plan hence solves the problem of shortage of nurses. Moreover, an effective policy especially in the recruitment process must be developed.

Evaluation of the plan will entail the use of a new staffing matrix. The main aim of this policy will be to improve the current recruitment policies for nurses. It is aimed at reducing the rate of nursing turnover, increase nurses satisfaction as well as improve the working environment.

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After the plan has been implemented, it will be disseminated to the concerned parties such as stakeholders and the general nursing community. The dissemination plan will contain all the necessary evaluations that have been done on the project before and after the implementation. Information must be disseminated in such a way that everybody is able to access the result. Dissemination plan will entail the use of a report, website as well as workshops.

This proposal establishes some basic steps to be undertaken in order to deal with the problem of shortage of nurses. It must be a step by step process which starts by identifying the problem, developing and evaluating the plan and finally disseminating the results to the concerned parties.

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