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After meeting Carly and Morris, and later with the entire team, we find that Carly exaggerated her story. From this, we know that she was not genuine and could not come forward to report the case. She knew very well that the delays in the project work come from her disagreements with Morris.  In addition to that, she did not know clearly how to address the situation. Their disagreements lead to ineffective meetings and so the whole team became ineffective.

The real issue is thinking that Morris was threatening her position by his smartness. This is what made it complex for her to come and report the case. She may have seen it necessary to work it out herself to find a way of doing away with Morris from the team. This is why she failed completely to come to report the delays in the project work.

As we have identified that Carly felt Morris was threatening her position by his being smart, we clearly see that it would be very difficult for her to call Morris to discuss the matter. Morris has been genuine in participating in the teamwork to contribute what is in him. Carly fails to appreciate the gifting in him and thinks that he is trying to outdo her. In such a case, it is very hard for the team leader to call on her ‘rival’ to resolve the case. On the other hand, Morris wonders why his leader is not in his favor. He is not sure what the problem is and so he does not know how to confront it.

If they would come up with a meeting to resolve the case, two things would occur. They either would agree to what they resolve or would not reach an agreement. If both of them will respect each other and listen to each other’s concern, they would get a way out.  First, if Carly would reconsider her position of the way she feels about Morris, they would reconcile the matter fully. They would not be able to reach an agreement if Carly does not change her attitude.

This team lucks one basic principle, which is caring for the individual in the team. In this principle, the team members should identify personal traits of each individual. Using these personal traits each tam member should know what each one does best and in any task and should then acknowledge the individual. Morris has something unique that Carly is not putting into use. As the leader of the team she should identify this gifting in Morris and assign to him duties based on this gifting. This would arouse respect from Morris towards her. This would make her work better with him and the rest of the team.

The team also lucks a good mechanism for resolving conflicts.  They are not open to one another. This is seen clearly from the way Carly stays without calling Morris to resolve the problem. The whole process of encountering conflicts is regarded as normal and good for team and individual growth.  Carly has not understood that differing on opinions and ideas in a team does not mean that one is outplaying the other. It is quite healthy to differ because it engages all members in thinking and finally coming up with quality decisions for the project.

One more problem that this team had was the luck of collective decision-making. Decision-making is the focus of teamwork. Carly should recognize that the team is the source of the knowledge and ideas.   All the members should know that that a team contributes diverse thinking, which is the greatest resource of a team (Robinson, 2005). In this, appreciating everyone’s contribution is wonderful and the team will benefit. This will always result to quality decisions made collectively.  This is because a well functioning team provides a grater chance for argument, for the setting of strategy, and generally for support. 

Even though the projects time is far spent, I would recommend that Carly should get another chance to keep leading the team. I am sure that with the talk I had with them, she would change. Talking to her individually and reminding her of the basic traits of a team leader really made her to see the sense, and got set to accomplish the project. When we appointed her to head this team, she had demonstrated the ability to lead it to the accomplishment of the project. In this case, we will give her a chance to finish this work.

Since the project is due on 1 January, I will launch a close follow up for the team to work effectively. The objective would be ensuring that they work as a team and be cohesive in order to accomplish the work. The team should also draw synergy from all individuals to be able to drive the project to a good finish. The plan that I have is to follow up the work of the team fortnightly. Every time I visit them, I should be able to hold a meeting with them. In this meeting, they will have to report their progress. At the same time, they would identify the problems they have had in the past two weeks and come up with their own solutions. I will also have meetings with their leader and constantly remind her of the responsibility she has as a team leader.

In doing this, it is clear that the team will get back to the course. It will do the work that we assigned them and will be able to complete it in good time. The follow-up is there to make sure that they implement all the decisions I have made with them. They will be able to work cohesively and all focus on the goal that is set for them.

The team. Custom The team Essay Writing Service || The team Essay samples, help

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