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Sustainable Business Management. Custom Sustainable Business Management Essay Writing Service || Sustainable Business Management Essay samples, help

This paper is about a sustainable hospitality industry, and energy saving to cut its costs. It is about how a hotel can achieve its goals or even increase its profits without compromising the comfort of its clients. It focuses on the lighting, water and other environmentally friendly energy solution for a sustainable business institution. A sustainable business in this context may be taken to mean an institution that practices environmentally friendly, and address environmental concerns in its operations while incorporating its main goal of profit making. It is also a process on how to design, and implement products and services to utilize the current environmental circumstances into its operation. The process should be effective without compromising the future generations’ ability to meet its needs. Sustainable management in a business can initiate value for investors, customers as well as conserve environment. This is to say that a sustainable business can meet its needs as well as treat the environment well.

In the hospitality industry, hotel and energy management is the process of controlling hotel practices and procedures with a common objective of regulating the amount of energy and hence saving costs. This involves controlling the amount of water, gas, electricity and other natural resources. Every hotel in the industry, aims at cutting its cost and taking from the energy perspective makes it to be easier and responsive to this objective than the earlier options. Since hotels have varying facilities and wide operations, they need diverse energy resources to run its operations.

Currently, the practices currently operating may also include customers’ contribution towards the objective of energy saving. The hotel staffs are also to make their contribution towards energy consumption cut. These include asking clients if they are willing to re-use bed linens and towels in order to save water. The information card in which guests are to offer their feed back is available to each client in the entire hotel. This process will help cut the amount of cleaning materials and water to be used by the laundry department of the hotel. This practice must be carried out in a professional manner so as not to jeopardize the hotel’ customer base as well as its goodwill. Awareness should also be made to familiarize the hotels in the hospitality industry to take the step in order to cut costs.

Several consultancy firms have emerged to help in advising the hotels on how to use energy efficiently. Most of these energy saving companies go an extra mile to offering energy saving products to compliment their advice. The energy saving products includes door contacts and infrared motion sensors that regulate air conditioning and heating systems. These products work through regulating these systems when guests leave the system on or when balcony doors or windows are open. There should be awareness, however, to the guests as the devices may look like cameras. Guests may conclude that these devices are cameras that the hotels use to intrude their privacy.

There is also an option of going green. This involves using modern power saving options for instance, energy saving light bulbs. Hotels need to adopt this transformation in that it can have the necessary lighting from these bulbs and in the process save up to four fifths of the energy. The bulbs are environmentally friendly as they have minimal impacts on the environment. The hotel reduces its energy costs and improves its profit levels by saving four fifths of energy. They are also durable, mercury free, more efficient, are long lasting and do not lead to heat build during lighting.

It can be conclude that, the objective of energy saving can be achieved through a few steps without affecting the hotels’ performance in terms of its efficiency and profit making. It is to the best interest of the hotels’ management to initiate energy saving practices in its operation.

Sustainable Business Management. Custom Sustainable Business Management Essay Writing Service || Sustainable Business Management Essay samples, help

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