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Orientation Proforma

Complete this proforma with initial ideas and comments in respect of the following aspects of your research topic:

Brief topic title

This paper analyzes how the soft drinks industry can improve their overall quality of their products to the customers’ satisfaction.

The aim and objectives of the research project

Aim of research

  • To come up with the best strategy that will ensure provision of cutting edge quality products and services to the customers in the soft drinks industry.


  • To examine the contribution of the top management in implementation of this strategy
  • To examine the role of shareholders in implementation of total quality management
  • To find out the role of employees in the execution of this strategy
  • To investigate the role that customers need to play in realization of total quality management in the company
  • To find out available opportunities after implementation of this strategy
  • To find out the possible limitations that will be encountered in execution of the new strategy

Literature review

According to Stahl and Grisby in their book strategic management, total quality management involves managing the whole system in the organization. It scales down to the functional departments as opposed to starting with the functional departments to improve the quality of a product. This ranges from marketing departments to distribution departments. The finance department is also involved in calculation of the total quality cost. They however argue that the marketing department is mostly important in this regard because value of a product to a consumer depends largely on the effort of marketing and its effectiveness.


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Narasimhan, and Kannan define total quality management by outlining the basic concepts of quality as fitness for use, conformance to requirements and as the expression for human excellence. They also state that quality is an ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by conducting assessment, anticipation and fulfilment of needs whether implied or stated (Narasimhan, S, & Kannan 2011, 445).

Likely approaches to be adopted and techniques involved

  • Primary research by collecting data from a few companies in the industry
  • Conducting interviews and filling of questionnaires with the management of the identified companies
  • Survey of customers attitude towards the industry
  • Use of earlier research data on the subject
  • Analysis using computer aided programs
  • Output to include visual output like charts and graphs to enhance comprehension.

Factors potentially commending and threatening the work

  • Uncooperative respondents.
  • Inability to verify data provided by the target companies.
  • Limited time available to carry out exhaustive primary research
  • High cost of research involved.

Expected outcomes

  • Research would come up with data that can be used as a representative of the whole industry
  • Data collected should be able to guide the researcher in making recommendations helpful to the industry
  • Research work done should open up new challenges for future research work to be conducted.



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