Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant

This is the story of Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant. The name is quite simple because it is just a small pizza corner where each customer feels a comfortable aura during meal. Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant lives his life on day-to-day basis blending with the needs of customers and has been doing so for the past 26 years. The heart of the company is not only the pizza items and other delicacies that attract customers but there is also an LCD set that entertains clients when they are having their meal. It is the knick-knacks of the dishes and the aroma of the freshly cooked pizzas that Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant’s customers love most. Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant is simple, unpretentious but passionate about the business of satisfying his clients with the best affordable food quality and service. And every night before he goes to bed, Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant cleans up the whole place and does the math on his account books and prepares for another satisfying and pleasurable day of service.

Of all the things that Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant possessed, he loved his belief that it was honestly and hard work that truly was the key of success in business. The reason Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant believed hard work and honesty to be the chief determinant factor of success is quite simple. Every restaurant has similar facilities and many of them operate LCD and music systems too. However, to be substantially different from others one must be honest, devoted and heartfelt throughout his service. This is the life and motto of Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant that makes him so unique and this is his mission too.

It was remarkable how appropriate, sensible, and true the name Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant truly was. But despite how hard he tried, Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant would never be able to accumulate funds enough to start a chain of pizzerias and restaurants all over the country and there was the threat of big houses like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut that induce its customers by conducting their services in the form of art. These were fundamentally fancy gizmos that quickly ran out of the customers’ taste but nevertheless they attracted the customer’s attention for a short period of time by charging them extra and making the most out of the moment. That was not honest kind of service but gimmicks and Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant never agreed to make such steps. But whenever he thought about those desires, it upset him and sometimes affected his usual playful personality for a while. He would think of hiring extra staff that could collect such gizmos and operate them like the big houses. But no matter what, Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant would never ever find himself to be pretentious and could never stoop to such low. Rather he would always be true to his customer. However, from inside, Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant would try to be stronger and serve better. It was important to Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant that no one ever learns of his greatest weakness. Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant was emotional and pragmatic and this was his greatest weakness. Alongside, he was not foresighted enough to expand the business.

Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant is operated by two owners, who appear to be brothers, other staff consists of 1 cook, 1 assistant cook, 1 dishwasher, 1 delivery guy. The restaurant is located in Lodi, NJ. It occupies the area of 1000 sq ft, has 4 tables, which may seat 20 guest. All existing employees except for the current dishwasher have been working there since business opened. If they happen to add a new employee the current employees/owner would train them. The emotional attachment is great and the main motto is ‘Doing well by doing good’. This way the human side is well nourished by the help of a proper work/life balance, wellness, empowerment and fun in the work. At the moment the aspect of strategic alliances is limited with the use of 3 vendors for supplies. This local pizzeria shop is a family owned, family oriented business and at the moment it is facing competition from another pizzeria that opened nearby. It is causing loss of customer but there still remain several dedicated and loyal customers and they all like the food served by Nino's Pizzeria & Restaurant.

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